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    Abstract - Issue May 2008, 29 (3)                                     Back

Effect of photoperiod on the adrenal activities of male rose

ringed parakeet, Psittacala krameri

Ashok Kumar*1, Bipin Kumar2 and M.P. Arora2

1Department of Zoology, Institute of Basic Sciences,Bundelkhand University, Jhansi - 284 128, India

2Department of Zoology, M.M.H. College, Ghaziabad - 201 001, India

(Received: February 22, 2006; Revised received: September 22, 2006; Re-revised received: May 02, 2007; Accepted: August 12, 2006)

Abstract: Adult male rose ringed parakeets were exposed to very long photoperiod (22 hr L: 2 hr D) and very short photoperiod (2 hr L: 22 hr D) daily for 60 days during different phases of the annual testicular cycle. Adrenal activities of the experimental birds were compared with that of parallel held natural photoperiodic birds. Marked atrophy of adrenocortical cells was noted in the glands of long photoperiod (22 hr L:2 hr D) during different phases i.e. post-breeding, quiescent and pre-breeding phases of annual gonadal cycle. The atrophied cells were not uniformly distributed in different groups of long photoperiod responsive birds. During pre-breeding, post-breeding and quiescent phases marked atrophy of the adrenocortical cells were restricted to the sub capsular zone of the gland. The cytometric and karyometric studies also revealed significant decrease in the cortical cord width and diameter of nuclei in the cortical cells in either subcapsular zone in the gland of long photoperiodic birds considered for treatment during pre-breeding, post-breeding and quiescent phase or in both the sub capsular zone and the inner zone. The cytometric and karyometric values did not show any change from control birds.

Key words:†† Birds, Photoperiod, Gonadal activities, Microtomy, Adrenocortical tissues, Seasonal changes

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