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Publication Policies


All the manuscripts submitted to Journal of Environmental Biology are subjected to the publication policies of the Journal, as outlined here. Therefore, authors are to ensure that the manuscript that they are preparing to submit for publication in this Journal should be as per the publication policies listed here. In case of any mis-alignment, the manuscript will not be considered for processing and publication.

Peer Review Process: The Journal follows "Double Blind Review System" and each manuscript will be sent to at-least two reviewers, who are experts in the relevant field, for peer reviewing. The reviewer's report will only be sent to the Corresponding Author of the manuscript through e-mail, if the manuscript is recommended for revision. If not recommended, it will be rejected. Confidentiality of the reviewer will be maintained. The Acceptance Letter will be issued on the clearance of final manuscript from the R&D division. The given flowchart gives the whole review process.

Editorial Reviewer Process

Each manuscript shall be evaluated on the basis of Originality, Technical Strength, Language, Clarity and Significance.

Instructions for Authors: The authors should strictly prepare their manuscript as per Guidelines for Authors . If the manuscript is not prepared as per the Guidelines, the manuscript will not be entertained.

Instructions for Reviewers: The reviewers should follow Guidelines for Reviewers while reviewing the manuscript. After completing the review process, the reviewers should fill Reviewer Report Proforma and e-mail it to the Editor along with reviewed manuscript with comments.

Instructions for Editors: The Editors should follow the Guidelines for Editors as they will play an important role in performing their functions as editors.

Plagiarism Policy: Journal of Environment Biology strictly discourages any form of plagiarism. If any sort of plagiarized content is noticed in the manuscript, the manuscript will be rejected and the authors would be debarred from publishing their research articles in JEB. The authors will be sent the Plagiarism report along with rejection letter to appropriate professional authority of the author in order to take necessary action.

Journal of Environmental Biology screens all the manuscripts submitted to the Journal for plagiarism through Plagiarism Detector software for the originality of content submitted at each stage of publication.

Terms & Conditions: JEB publishes only original research manuscripts and review articles. Therefore, submission of manuscript to this journal implies that: it has not been published elsewhere, it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, it does not consist of duplicate material already published, it does not contain plagiarized material, and it has been approved by all the authors and concerned institutions.

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE): Journal of Environmental Biology is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and follows the COPE Guidelines. Editors, Reviewers and Authors are encouraged to read and follow the Guidelines laid down by the COPE.

Crossref: Journal of Environmental Biology is the member of Crossref organization in order to get a DOI prefix so that Journal can create Crossref DOIs and register content. All the papers published in Journal of Environmental Biology are issued DOI.

Duplicate submission: Manuscripts that have already been published elsewhere, or under review elsewhere, will be considered as duplicate submission/ publication, and the manuscript will be rejected and will not be considered for publication. Redundant publications are also discouraged.

Citation manipulation: Submitted manuscripts with citations, whose primary purpose is simply to increase the number of author self citation, are not considered.

Fake and false data: Submitted manuscripts with either fake or false experimental results, including manipulated images, will not be considered.

Data access: The authors may be asked to provide raw data in relation to the manuscript submitted for review.

Acknowledgement of work: The authors should duly acknowledge the institution where the actual research work was carried out. All the people or agencies assisted in the presented research work and funding agencies who have given grant for conducting research work should be, duly acknowledged.

Disclosure and conflicts-of-interest: The author should include disclosure of all relationships in their manuscripts that could be viewed as presenting a potential conflict of interest.

Errors in published works: Page Proofs of the accepted manuscript is sent to the authors for proof reading, before the release of Journal. Therefore, no corrections will be entertained for incorporation in the Journal post publication.

Reporting standards: The authors of manuscript should clearly reveal the objective of the study, follow standard protocols for Methods & Methodology and also state the relevance of their research work.

Ethical Issues: Authors should provide information, if required, regarding sources of funding, conflicts of interest (financial or non-financial), informed consent if the research involves human subject, human data, or human tissue during research and a statement of welfare of animals if the research involves animals.

In view the above, the authors should provide the following:

a.      Disclosure of conflicts of interest

b.      Ethics committee's recommendations

c.       Name of the ethics committee and its approval of study & committee's reference number, if appropriate.

Studies where above mentioned are not involved, authors should state "Not Applicable".

Author contribution: The corresponding author should enlist all the authors who have contributed to the study. These authors should be listed as co-authors. The Corresponding Author should duly fill-in all the following documents: Author Certificate for Plagiarism (download here), Author Checklist (download here), Author Certification and Copyright Transfer Agreement (download here).

Change of authorship: Before submitting their manuscripts to the Journal, Corresponding Author should ensure the names of co-authors and their sequence in the manuscript. Any change in authorship like addition, deletions and re-arrangement should be made before the manuscript has been accepted and approved by the Editor. The Corresponding Author should give reasons for the change in authorship and also provide written confirmation & approval from authors. Consent of deleting author is mandatory.

    No change in authorship will be entertained after publication.

Allegations of misconduct: Allegations or complaints related to any kind of scientific and publication misconduct should be reported to the Editor. The Editor in consultation with publisher of the journal and Editor-in-chief/ Executive Editor would take action against the misconduct reported. In case of non-agreement of decision, the Editor-in-chief will constitute a 3-member committee from the scientists involved with the Journal. According to the decision, the author, relevant heads of the institutions or/ and funding agencies -- would be informed about the misconduct decision.

Intellectual property: Journal of Environmental Biology is published with the license/permission of Government of India (GOI). For the same, Registration Certificate has been issued which is reviewed and revised by the Registrar of Licensor, GOI for any change in Journal's particulars. The Journal functions as per their norms and rules and the annual statement of publication is submitted as per prescribed proforma. The license to Journal of Environmental Biology was re-issued in 1996 when the registered office of Journal was shifted from Muzaffarnagar to Lucknow (India). Current certificate can be viewed here.

Copyright: Copyright of every article published in the Journal lies with "Triveni Enterprises", an entity of which publisher is the owner, and looks after marketing & distribution under the supervision of Journal.

Complaints: Complaints of any sort like publication process, ethics and misconducts should be first reported to the Editor-in-chief / Executive Editor/ Editor. If the complaint is regarding the above mentioned, the publisher of the Journal should be contacted.

Complaints of authors regarding their manuscripts and publication processes are handled by the Editor, who will further report the complaint and give suitable explanation to the Editor-in-chief. Finally, the Editor-in-chief will give the feedback to the complainant.