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Issue : 2020 Nov ( Volume# 41 Number# 6 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Nov 2020.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Immunology of COVID-19 and its clinical implications for therapy D.N. Rao and D.L. Gupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Effects of heavy metals on Antarctic bacterial cell growth kinetics and degradation of waste canola oil K.N.M. Zahri, A. Zulkharnain, C. Gomez-Fuentes, S. Sabri and S.A. Ahmad Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Synthesis, characterization of blue fluorescent carbon nanoparticle and its in-vitro toxicity evaluation K.S. Kumar, P.K. Gayathri, H. Khandelwal and K.K. Prashanth India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Performance studies on jumping behaviour in froglets exposed to commercial grade malathion K. Kulkarni and S.V. Krishnamurthy India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Physio-immunological responses of Labeo rohita fingerlings to commonly used phytogenic feed additives: A comparative evaluation D.K. Chowdhury, N.P. Sahu, P. Sardar, A.D. Deo, M.K. Bedekar, K.P. Singha and M.K. Maiti India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Dietary shatavari, Asparagous racemosus root extract promotes growth, feed conversion and nutrient utilization in Labeo rajasthanicus N.R. Keer, N.K. Chadha, V.P. Saini, M.L. Ojha and P.B. Sawant India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Temporal variations in abundance and species richness of phytoplankton with emphasis on diatoms in the subtidal waters of Umm Al-Namil Island, north-western Arabian Gulf of the ROPME Sea Area Matrah Al-Mutairi, M.N.V. Subrahmanyam, Mohammad Ali, Sasini Isath, Mohammad A. AlAwadi, P. Niranjan Kumar, Khaled Al-Hebini and Samira A. S. Omar Kuwait ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Antibacterial activity of selected plants extract against pathogenic bacteria and detection of phytochemicals A. Saxena, A.K. Mukhopadhyay and S.P. Nandi India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Molecular characterization of native pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs of chilli and their induced systemic resistance mechanism in management of anthracnose S. Santosh and M.N. Sreenivasa India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Influence of chitinase production on the antagonistic activity of Trichoderma against plant-pathogenic fungi Y.S. Mazrou, A.H. Makhlouf, M.M. Hassan, A. Baazeem, A.A. Hamad and M.M. Farid Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Natural occurrence and diagnosis of yellow leaf disease affecting sugarcane genotypes under tropical and sub-tropical conditions in India A. Kumar, S.K. Holkar, R. Singh and J. Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Isolation and identification of keratinophilic fungi in soil samples from excavation area of ancient city of Stratonikeia, Turkey and determination of its enzyme potentials O.A. Günyar, S. K?raç, B. Ald? and C. Ergin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Functional characterization of bacteria isolated from different gut compartments of white grub, Anamola dimidiata, larvae K.R. Msango Soko, R.C. Bhattacharya, B. Ramakrishnan, K. Sharma and S. Subramanian India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Native bee diversity and abundance in an urban green space in Bengaluru, India V.R. Bhatta and A.N. Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on glyphosate dissipation rate in okra cultivated sodic soil of Tamil Nadu P.M. Brindhavani, P. Janaki, G.Gomadhi, T. Ramesh and J. Ejilane India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Planting geometry and nutrient levels affecting seed cotton yield, productivity indices and economic parameters of Bt cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) K. Singh and P. Rathore India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Statistical optimisation for enhancement of phenol biodegradation by the Antarctic soil bacterium Arthrobacter sp. strain AQ5-15 using response surface methodology K. Subramaniam, N.A. Shaharuddin, T.A. Tengku-Mazuki, A. Zulkharnain, K.A. Khalil, P. Convey and S.A. Ahmad Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Identification of aquaporin markers in Solanum melongena for water stress response R.R. Thomas and M.K. Chandraprakash India ABSTRACT PAPER