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Issue : 2020 Jul ( Volume# 41 Number# 4 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jul 2020.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 (Editorial)
Wonderful world of microbes: the JEB way
2 (Review Article)
Nanomaterial's toxicity and its regulation strategies
S. Naqvi and S.J.S. Flora India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Amelioration potential of Withania sonmifera root extract on hexavalent chromium induced micronucleus in Channa punctatus (Bloch, 1793) S.P. Trivedi, R. Prasad and A.A. Khan India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Endocrine disruption and infertility: Circulatory hormone and bisphenol A concentrations in infertile Saudi women M.A. Beg, E. Ahmad, S.F. Al Basri, A. Abdelsalam, O.S. Bajouh, M.S. Jamal, A.M. Abuzenadah and I.A. Sheikh Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Fatty acid profiles of Antarctic cyanobacteria Leptolyngbya Z.A. Zainal Abidin, Z. Zainuddin, S.F.Q. Wan Mastrai, F.M. Mohd Sidik Merican and P. Convey Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Morphological analysis and screening of wheat generations derived from HD2967 × Kharchia65 for salt tolerance Varsha, S. Yashveer, V. Singh and P. Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Studies on delignification in jute (Corchorus spp L.) fibre with promising lignin degrading bacterial isolates S. Barai, L. Chattopadhyay and B. Majumdar India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 A preliminary study on bacterial composition in the subgingival plaque of woman with periodontitis during pregnancy and menopause K.I. Han, Y.R. Seo, B.B. Patnaik, H.J. Kwon, E.G. Jung, K.W. Nam, W.J. Kim, J.S. Lee and M.D. Han Republic of Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Selection and characterization of novel zinc-tolerant Trichoderma strains obtained by protoplast fusion Y.S. Mazrou, B. Neha, U.K. Kandoliya, G. Srutiben, L. Hardik, A. Gaber, M. F. Awad and M.M. Hassan Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Evaluation of hybrids and single spore isolates of paddy straw mushroom Volvariella volvacea (Bull.) Singer for fruiting body yield and nutritional quality O.P. Ahlawat and H. Kaur India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Determination of compositional differences of lichens on Pinus brutia in different environmental conditions O. Tufan-Cetin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Fish community structure as an indicator of the ecological significance: A study from Ulhas River Estuary, Western coast of India D.M. Lal, G.B. Sreekanth, C. Soman, K.K. Ramteke, R. Kumar and Z.J. Abidi India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Analysis of bacterial diversity associated with polyketide synthase (PKS) gene in brackish metagenome of TsoKar Lake of Ladakh, India V.K. Gupta, S.S. Khan, V. Verma and S. Rasool India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Evaluation of phytoaccumulation potential of toxic metals from sewage sludge by high- value aromatic plant geranium A. Mazeed, N.B. Lothe, A. Kumar, S.K. Sharma, S. Srivastav and R.K. Verma India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Carbon sequestration potential of a teak plantation forest in the Eastern Ghats of India A.K. Singh, C. Sahu and S.K. Sahu India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Length-weight relationship, feeding traits and nutritional value of mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) in the south-eastern Arabian Sea K. Assana, R. Mridula, K.M. Rajesh and T.A. Shaik India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Study on biology of tea bunch caterpillar Andraca bipunctata on alternative host plant Eurya acuminata of Meghalaya R. Pande, M. Pitchaimurugan, R.J. Joga, S. Hazarika, S. Patra and G.I. Ramkrushna India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Evaluation of certain important biochemical parameters of four tropical earthworms in response to soil moisture and temperature variations P. Acharya and C.S.K. Mishra India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Prevalence of mastitis in cow heifers and associated risk factors in Himalayan region, India S.Kour, N. Sharma, Z.I. Huma, S. Devi, T. Ahmed, R. Singh and A. Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Identification, characterization and expression analysis of sucrose transporters in the model plant Nicotiana tabacum cv.petit havana M. Abiramavalli and B. Usha India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Effect of nitrate, ammonium and phosphate on the growth and microcystin production of Korean Microcystis species J.H. Lee, K.L. Lee, J.Y. Lee and H.S. Kim India ABSTRACT PAPER