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Issue : 2020 Mar ( Volume# 41 Number# 2 ) — Special Issue

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Mar 2020, and is a special issue. It's titled: Environment, Biodiversity, Geography.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Editorial
Environment, Biodiversity, Geography
R. Efe and M. Özturk Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Preservation and ecology of a living relict shrub in South Caucasus as a eco-genetic heritage from Tertiary: Epigaea gaultherioides (Boiss. & Bal.) Takht M. Ozturk, V. Altay, M. Kucuk, E. Altunda?, Z. Severo?lu and I.E. Yalç?n Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Avian diversity in Marudu Bay mangrove forest, Sabah, Malaysia M.N. Rajpar, S. Gücel, S. Ullah, A. Ullah, M. Saad, A.B.H. Aboushiba, C.O. Martin and M. Zakaria Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Analysis of the areas suitable for ecotourism using Geographical Information Systems: Example of Narman District (Erzurum) Turkey E. Akp?nar Külekçi and A. Koç Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Yield response of Limonium sinuatum cultivars under salinity stress H. Akat, O.A. Saracoglu and H.Cakar Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Metals distribution in soil contaminated by gold and copper mining in Georgia M. Avkopashvili, A. Gongadze, G. Avkopashvili, L. Matchavariani, L. Asanidze and L. Lagidze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Ecological impacts of a city forest and level of public awareness for recreational use of Nigde Atatürk city forest F.C. Karafak? and Ç. Çetin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Impact of quarries on the Kyrenia mountains (Cyprus) towards human and natural environment S. ?lseven and N. Ka?ot Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Species composition of dry-temperate forest as an important habitat for wildlife fauna species M.N. Rajpar, M. Ozturk, V. Altay, S. Ullah, A. Ullah, C.O. Martin, S. Gücel and M. Zakaria Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Hydrodynamic zones of fissure-karst waters of Zemo Imereti Plateau in the Republic of Georgia Z. Lezhava, L. Asanidze, K. Tsikarishvili, N. Chikhradze, L. Gadrani and G. Chartolani Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
11 NDVI indicated changes in vegetation and their relations to climatic comfort factors in Demre-Akçay Sub basin, Turkey A. Benliay, T. Yilmaz, R. Olgun and M.K. Ak Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Simultaneous removal of nitrate and pesticide endo-sulfan in groundwater using membrane biofilm reactor Y. Cuci and E.G. Ta?k?n Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Dependence of phytomass on environmental factors: Case study of Georgia's landscapes D. Nikolaishvili, M. Tsitsagi, E. Nikolaishvili, T. Chichinadze and T. Gorgodze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Evaluating the contributions of internship to landscape architecture education A.A. Karada?, D. Demiro?lu, I. Sezen and T. Biri?çi Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Effects of mycorrhizal inoculation on growth and some quality parameters of Matthiola incana (L.) cultivation under salt stress H. Akat Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Main problems of the sustainable development of the South Caucasus and processes of transformation of landscapes (ecosystems) biodiversity N. Elizbarashvili, N. Sulkhanishvili, B. Kalandadze, G. Meladze, T. Gordeziani, T. Gorgodze, T. Donadze, M. Meladze, R. Elizbarashvili and D. Sidamonidze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Influence of meteorological factors on ecological conditions of the atmosphere in Tbilisi, Georgia L. Lagidze, L. Matchavariani, D. Svanadze and G. Khomasuridze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Modeling soil erosion in the Chagan river basin of the west Kazakhstan with using RUSLE and GIS tools T. Darbayeva, N. Ramazanova, B. Chashina, Zh. Berdenov, E. Mendybayev, J.A. Wendt and E. Atasoy Kazakhstan ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Control of soil erosion measures on mountain slopes D. Kereselidze, L. Matchavariani, V. Trapaidze, G. Bregvadze, G. Gaprindashvili and I. Megrelidze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Assessment of the main city square of Ayd?n, Turkey using urban space quality criteria B. Deniz and Ç. K?l?çaslan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Agricultural crops common in the Chorokhi and Mtkvari upstream according to the old Turkish census books D. Sartania, D. Nikolaishvili, A. Ujmajuridze and M. Kvetanadze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Determination of olive cultivars by deep learning and ISSR markers M. Sesli, E.D. Yegeno?lu and V. Alt?ntas Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Modeling of microbial contamination in the Marmara Sea, Bursa-Turkey A. Katip Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Reflection of environmental-based agricultural land protection program (Çatak) on farmer's implementation H.E. Salal?, E. At??, Y. Akyüz, V. Ceyhan, H. Türkten, Ç. Y?ld?r?m, M. Hasdemir and F.U. Güngör Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
25 An ecological based approach for determining suitable landfill : The case of Kilis / Turkey A. Çoban, D. Demiroglu and A.A. Karadag Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
26 The influence of green areas on city-dwellers' perceptions of air pollution: The case of Nigde city center Ç. Çetin and F.C. Karafak? Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Examination of Selcuk University Alaaddin Keykubat Campus in the context of ecological landscape design B.O. Kurtaslan Konya ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Attitude of hunters on snake habitat and management system in Cyprus S. ?lseven, Z. Nasrullah and F. Aslanova Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Assessment of sand dune ecosystems with Pancratium maritimum, Bart?n, Turkey Y. Sar? Nayim Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
30 Assessment of relationship between the surface temperatures and built-up urban environment in Ankara city center D.H. Somuncu and Ü. Yüksel Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
31 Investigation of old textiles using scanning electron microscopy D.C. Ilie?, L. Indrie, A. Ilie?, F. Marcu, A. Axinte, L. Burt?, G.V. Herman, E. Atasoy, A. Baidog, C. Iovan, A. Albu, M. Costea and J.A. Wendt Romania ABSTRACT PAPER
32 Optimization of energy consumption for sunflower production using data envelopment analysis approach K. Karada? and M. Külekçi Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
33 Determination of ecotourism potential in national parks: Troy historical national park, Çanakkale-Turkey A.E. Cengiz Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER