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Issue : 2019 Jul ( Volume# 40 Number# 4 ) — Special Issue

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jul 2019, and is a special issue. It's titled: Recent Advances in Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Recent Advances in Environmental Science and PollutionResearch Professor G. Manjula and Professor M. Seenuvasan India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Characterization of squid pens extracted beta-chitosan coated magnetite nanoparticles Carlin Geor Malar, M. Seenuvasan and K. Sathishkumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Utilizing Borassus flabellifer sprout peel sugars by Pseudomonas fluorescence for degradation of textile effluent Joyce Hellen Sathya, N. Franklin, N. Balaji, S. Selvaraj and M. Seenuvasan India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Biosorption of chromium from aqueous solution by Chaetomorpha antennina J. Madhusudhanan, M.S. Badhusha and D. Saranya India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Adsorption of nickel ions by surface modified magnetite nanoparticles: Kinetics study Carlin Geor Malar, M. Seenuvasan and K. Sathishkumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Phytoremediation potential of Bacopa monnieri in the removal of heavy metals M. Dinesh kumar, A. Sivalingam and M. Thirumarimurugan India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Environmental assessment of solid waste dump site G. Manjula, V. Rajagopalan and N.T. Nayahi India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Application of grey relational analysis for the optimization of process parameters in adsorption process G. Manjula and S. Revathi India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic banana peduncle waste using Kluveromyces marxianus E. R. Sathendra, G. Baskar and R. Praveenkumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Physico-chemical characteristics and thermal stability of calcium oxalate crystals isolated from Beta vulgaris root S. Subashini and K. Sathishkumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Phenol degradation and chemical oxygen demand analysis of coir retting wastewater using anaerobic treatment K.A.Y. Arafath, S. Gopinath, D. Nilavunesan, S. Sivanesan and P. Baskaralingam India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Assessment of air quality index of urban area and epidemiological investigations in Chennai A.K. Mariselvam, M.A. Kumar, C. Dharmaraj, E. Maharaj, N. Dhasarathan and S. Sivanesan India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Degradation of hydrocarbon by isolated fungal species with laccase activity R. Gnanasekaran, J. Iyyappan, S. Deepeka, R. Mageshwari, S. Saranraj and V. Sathayanarayanan India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Production of biodiesel from jojoba oil using ultra sonicator G. Sarojini, P. Kannan and G.Pravin India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Rice husk modified cement strength-An environmental approach J. Sathish and P. Selvakumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Production of antimicrobial adhesives D. Yuvaraj, R. Gnanasekaran, J. Iyyappan, I. Subashini, S. Nandhini, M. Jayasudha, R. Shaleni and M. Shyam India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Biosorption of synthetic dyes from textile industrial effluent using waste papaya latex D. R. Manimaran, G. Sarojini and P. Ramalingam India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye using dysprosium oxide/bismuth oxide nanocomposite K.S. Kumar, V. Samynaathan, S. Kumar and B. Neeraja India ABSTRACT PAPER