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Issue : 2019 Jul ( Volume# 40 Number# 4 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jul 2019.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Pesticide pollution in an aquatic environment: Alarming K.S. Tilak India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Low toxicity and high surface activity of sophorolipids from Starmerella bombicola in aquatic species: A preliminary study W. Kumano, K. Namakoshi, M. Araki, Y. Oda, A. Ueda and Y. Hirata Japan ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Production and characterization of biodiesel obtained from transesterification of lipid from goat tallow R.V. Kumar, V.C. Nachiyar, A.B. Farizah and J. Nityasree India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Colonization of Serratia fonticola on phylloplane of tomato and its impact on leaf cytoplasmic protein profile N. Bhadauria, Shilpi, P.D. Sharma and P.K. Paul India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Genome wide identification of nucleotide-binding site leucine-rich repeat (NBS-LRR) gene encoding regions in Solanum lycopersicum resistant to environmental pathogens by computational methods M.K. Chandraprakash and R.R. Thomas India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Rapid detection of bacteria, Enterococcus faecalis, in airborne particles of Hermosillo, Sonora, México R.A. Santos, N.J. Sau, M.T. Certucha, F.J. Almendáriz, A.O. Monge, I.J. Zepeda and L.J. Hernández México ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Phytofabrication of silver nanoparticles using Annona reticulata and assessment of insecticidal and bactericidal activities S. Malathi, G. Rameshkumar, R.L. Rengarajan, T. Rajagopal, S. Muniasamy and P. Ponmanickam India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Morphological and anatomical aberrations induced by waterlogging in sugarcane R. Jain, A. Singh, S.P. Singh, A. Chandra and A.D. Pathak India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Temporal changes in behavioural responses and serum metabolites of Cirrhinus mrigala exposed to acute hypoxia T. Varghese, P. Mishal, G. Gupta, M. Kumar, A.K. Pal and S. Dasgupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Morphological and toxigenic study of Aspergillus flavus from indoor air S. Nayak, U. Dhua and S. Samanta India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Reduction in Omega-6 to Omega 3 ratio and improvement in blood lipid profiles in flaxseed fed Hanwoo steer and human Y.H. Song, J.S. Kin, K.H. Um, H.J. Park, Y.S. Chol, H.S. Lee, B.S. Park and J.S. Shin South Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Effect of dietary incorporation of natural attractants on growth and survival during seed rearing of Indian butter catfish, Ompok bimaculatus P. Rawat, P. Biswas, A.K. Jena, A.B. Patel and P.K. Pandey India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Landuse impact on soil physical variability and erodibility in North Western subtropics of India V. Abrol, R.K. Sharma, V. Sharma, P. Sharma, K.R. Sharma, A. Kumar and M. Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 QTL mapping for morphological and physiological traits in RILs of spring wheat population of WH1021 × WH711 S. Sangwan, R. Munjal, K. Ram and N. Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Histopathological and cholinesterase changes in the gills of Clarias gariepinus as a result of cadmium exposure A.A.F.M. Pariza, S.A. Ahmad, N.I. Fadzil, A.A. Basirun, S.A.W. Sha’arani, N.A.M. Asri, M.K. Sabullah, A. Khalid and M.Y. Shukor Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Combined effect of zinc oxide nano particle incorporated chitosan for better antimicrobial activity towards wound healing S. Visnuvinayagam, L.N. Murthy, A. Jeyakumari, U. Parvathy, R. Anandan, G.K. Sivaraman and C.N. Ravishankar India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Effect of melatonin and pinealectomy on gonadal activity during prespawning period of catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis) R. Panchal and S. Rani India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Heterotic grouping of late-maturing maize inbred lines based on combining ability and molecular marker studies Maruthi R.T., R.N. Gadag, J.S. Bhat and C.G. Karjagi India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Temperature-dependent demographic differences in sessile rotifers of the genus Limnias (Rotifera: Gnesiotrocha) M.A. Jiménez-Santos, S.S.S. Sarma and S. Nandini Mexico ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Growth estimation during hardening phase of tissue cultured banana plantlets using bootstrapped artificial neural network S. Revathi, N. Sivakumaran, D. Ramajayam, M.S. Saraswathi, S. Backiyarani and S. Uma India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Characterization of glycolipid biosurfactant from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA 1 and its efficacy against Phytophtora infestans S. Tomar, M. Lal, M.A. Khan, B.P. Singh and S. Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER