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Issue : 2019 Mar ( Volume# 40 Number# 2 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Mar 2019.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Presentation of interdisciplinary research on Environmental Biology in each issue: JEB shows the way S.S.S. Sarma Mexico ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Characterisation of cholinesterase and histopathological features of brain of Clarias gariepinus following exposure to cadmium N.I. Fadzil, S.A. Ahmad, N.A. Yasid, M.K. Sabullah, H.M. Daud, A. Khalid, S.N. Padrilah and M.Y. Shukor Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Effects of applied cadmium on its accumulation, dry matter production and net photosynthesis in okra and amelioration of cadmium toxicity through lime application S. Raychaudhuri, M. Raychaudhuri, S.K. Rautaray and S.R. Chowdhury India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Histological studies on ontogenic development of lymphoid organs in Indian major carp, Catla catla P. Arya, P.K. Pradhan, R. Sharma and N. Sood India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Effectiveness of application of lignolytic fungal strains, Cladosporium uredinicola GRDBF21 and Bipolaris maydis GRDBF23 in the treatment of tannery effluent J.T. Joseph, R. Mahalakshmi, K. Revathy, K. Panneerselvam, P. Manikandan and C.S. Shobana India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Protective effect of phytochemicals on the triclosan-induced DNA damage G.H. Hur, J.W. Kim and M.Y. Lee Republic of Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Performance of a shipwreck as an artificial fish habitat along Goa, west coast of India G.B. Sreekanth, N.M. Lekshmi and A. Patil India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Profiling of major biochemical compounds for identification of nutritionally rich genotypes in mango B.M. Muralidhara, G.L. Veena, S. Rajan, A.K. Bhattacharjee and U. Hudedamani India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Response of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi along with Trichoderma viride and Pseudomonas fluorescens on the growth, biochemical attributes and vase life of Chrysanthemum indicum I. Saini, K. Yadav and A. Aggarwal India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 A comparative study on the effect of dispersed and undispersed Kuwait crude oil on egg hatching and larval survival of Epinephelus coioides Q. Karam, M. Ali, M.N.V. Subrahmanyam, K. Al-Abdul Elah, M. Bentley and M.U. Beg Kuwait ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Hydro-chemistry of groundwater in a North Indian city and its suitability assessment for drinking and irrigation purposes K. Ravindra, Suman. Mor, A. Singh, V.J. Singh, N. Dhanda, P. Rani and S. Mor India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Production of low value and eco-friendly bio-preservatives from Lactobacillus plantarumgrown on dairy whey B. Sowmiya and S. Ramalingam India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Correlation among physiological and histological changes in soybean seeds during storage H.P. Vijayakumar, A. Vijayakumar, P. Srimathi, G. Somasundaram, S.R. Prasad, S. Natarajan, K. Raja, R. Dhandapani and K. Vishwanath India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Evaluating the effect of monocrotophos and glyphosate on microbial population and certain important exoenzyme activities in soil S. Samal, S. Sahoo and C.S.K. Mishra India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Screening of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for antifungal activity against Fusarium oxysporum P. Vinoth, K. Subramani, R.K. Natarajan, S.V. Subaiya, S. Mahesh, B. Usha and I. Sellamuthu India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Evaluation of colemanite as a slow release source of boron fertilizer for potato J. Sharma, V.K. Dua, D. Kumar and V. Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Use of bacterial endospore with longer shelf-life in improved retting of jute L. Chattopadhyay, B. Majumdar, S.P. Mazumdar, A.R. Saha, R. Saha and S. Barai India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Radiation induced mutagen sensitivity and chlorophyll mutation frequency on sesame seeds S. saha and a. paul India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Studies on persistent organic pollutants residue in water, sediment and fish tissues of river Sutlej, India N. kaur, P. Singh, J.S. Bedi and A. Gupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Estimation of time since death using a body cooling model of pigs: A pilot study C.H. Hyun, T.H. Song, K.Y. Sim, N.J. Kim, D.S. Kim and D.K. Park Republic of Korea ABSTRACT PAPER