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Issue : 2017 Nov ( Volume# 38 Number# 6 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Nov 2017.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Indigenous technical knowledge in little millet cultivation among "Malayali" tribes of India P. Venkatesan and M. Sundaramari India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Impact of rearing temperatures on Tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus growth, muscle morphology and gene expression M.P. Brahmane, B. Sajjanar, N. Kumar, S.S. Pawar, S.K. Bal and K.K. Krishnani India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Studies on taxonomic diversity of plant communities and modeling its potential distribution in Yazılı Canyon Nature Park, Turkey A. Mert and K. Özkan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Evaluation of some novel insecticides, biopesticides and their combinations against peach leaf curl aphid, Brachycaudus helichrysi infesting nectarine D. Gupta, G. Singh, N. Thakur and R.S. Bhatia India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Host induced genetic variation in legume pod borer, Maruca vitrata S. Sambathkumar, C. Durairaj, S. Mohankumar, B. Preetha, R. Aravintharaj, N. Ganapathy and R. Surendran India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Development of sooty moulds in mango orchards in relation to weather parameters and major sucking pests P.K. Shukla, Gundappa and T. Adak India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Distribution characteristics of heavy metals in flood plains, farm fields and high lands in Lake Poyang region in China Y. Ji, J. Zhang, C. Bai, W. Zhu, G. Cai, L. Hu and G. Gao China ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Performance evaluation of a landfill leachate recirculation treatment system using quadric model R. K. Lohchab and U. Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Genetic purity assessment of indica rice hybrids through DNA fingerprinting and grow out test R.L. Verma, S. Singh, P. Singh,, V. Kumar, S.P. Singh, S. Singh, S. Samantaray and O.N. Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Characterization of nanorosemary and encapsulated rosemary nanoparticles and their effect on lead induced toxicity in Wistar rats P. Virk, M. Elobeid, M.A.Awad, A.A. Hendi, K.M.O. Ortashi and M.I. Siddiqui Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Studies on crossing behaviour and hybridization in guava D. Singh, M.I.S. Gill and N.K. Arora India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Species diversity and community characteristics of earthworms in managed and degraded tea plantations of Tripura S.K.S. Jamatia and P.S. Chaudhuri India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Optimization of ethanol production using pretreated corn cob and sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate by Candida parapsilosis strain BKR1 R. Balakrishnaraja, S. Balasubramanian, P. Aravindan, A. Arulraj, K. Selvapriya, S. Geethadevi and Nisha Rao India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Plankton community characteristics of natural and man-made tropical lakes Z. Sharip and F. M. Yusoff Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Protective effects of perennial herb, Melissa officinalis against furadan 3G induced cytotoxicity in Channa punctatus V. Tiwari, M. Kumar and S. P. Trivedi India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Evaluation of novel insecticides against diamondback moth and natural enemies in cabbage ecosystem S. Patra, V.W. Dhote, S. Sarkar and A. Samanta India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Long term survival and growth performance of selected seedling types in Cedar (Cedrus libani) afforestation in Turkey N. Erkan and A.C. Aydin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Assessment of air pollution tolerance index of some selected roadside plants of Bhubaneswar city of Odisha State in India S. Acharya, R.C. Jena, S.J. Das, C. Pradhan and P.K. Chand India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Alternaria blight of rapeseed-mustard–A Review H.K. Singh, R.B. Singh, P. Kumar, M. Singh, J. Kumar Yadav, P.K. Singh, M. P. Chauhan, R.C. Shakywar, K.N. Maurya, B. Shainy Priyanka, T. Srivastava, S.K. Yadav and M.K. Maurya India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 (Exclusively Online)
Field evaluation of synthetic kairomonal attractants against major lepidopteran pests of castor
P. Duraimurugan, M. Sampathkumar and P. S. Srinivas India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 (Exclusively Online)
Polyhydroxyalkanoates production by Zobellella specie isolated from fish industrial effluents and its primary characterization
S. Maity, S. Das, D.P. Samantaray India ABSTRACT PAPER
22 (Exclusively Online)
Detection of endospore producing Bacillus species from commercial probiotics and their preliminary microbiological characterization
J. Jezewska-Frackowiak, K. Seroczynska, J. Banaszczyk, D. Wozniak, M. Skowron, A. Ozog, A. Zylicz-Stachula, T. Ossowski and P. M. Skowron Poland ABSTRACT PAPER
23 (Exclusively Online)
Fresh water planktonic algae from oligotrophic habitat of West Bengal with special remarks on taxonomy and ecology
J.P. Keshri, A.K. Ghosh, S. Ghosh, S. Roy and A. Chakraborty India ABSTRACT PAPER