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Issue : 2017 Sep ( Volume# 38 Number# 5 ) — Special Issue

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Sep 2017, and is a special issue. It's titled: Environment and Ecology.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Determination of sensitive biotopes using GIS: A case study in Mediterranean coastal region A.G. Gürkan and S. Kayıkçı Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Relationship between some wild mammals and forest structural diversity parameters A. Mert and B. Yalçınkaya Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Strategies for sustainable landscape management in the filyos river delta, Turkey B. Cengiz and C. Cengiz Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Urban aesthetic and urban landscape design guides: A case study of Bartın-Turkey D. Çelik and S. Açiksöz Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
5 The effect of naphthalene acetic acid and some rooting media on rooting abilities and shoot growth of Dwarf Nerium cuttings H. Akat, G.C. Demirkan and A.L. Tuna Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
6 The relationships between beta plant diversity and climatic variables: A case study from Kuyucak mountain district M.G. Negiz and K. Özkan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
7 The inhibiting effects of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) on germination ability and growth of some culture ryegrass species M. Aklıbaşında, E.A. Külekçi, M. Demir and Y. Bulut Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Forest communities and ecological differentiation of the Mt. Elmacik (Duzce, Turkey) N. Aksoy and S. Coban Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Calculating landscape diversity with alpha diversity indices Ö. Şentürk and K. Özkan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
10 GIS-Based snow avalanche hazard mapping: Bayburt-Aşağı Dere catchment case A. Aydin and R. Eker Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Modeling the potential distribution of Anatolian black pine in the inner parts of central Black Sea environment S. Gülsoy, Ö. Şentürk and İ. Tümer Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Analysis of maquis and garrigue communities on the island of cyprus and comparison with calabrian pine communities in terms of ecological characteristics S. İLSEVEN Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Evaluation of solar energy by the general directorate of forest-village relations in the south west region of Anatolia U. COŞGUN Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Bird diversity and conservation status in Isparta province (Turkey) Y. Öztürk Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Modelling land use/cover change in lake mogan and surroundings using CA-Markov Chain Analysis Z.O. Durmusoglu and A.A. Tanriover Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
16 The indicator plant species of wild animals in the Gidengelmez mountains district H. SÜEL, D. AKDEMİR, A. KIRAÇ and Y. ÜNAL Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
17 The effect of agricultural land use on soil erosion processes at upland landscape in Slovakia V. Petlušová, P. Petluš and J. Hreško Slovakia ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Relationship between land use and land classification in the Tahtalı Dam Protection Basin (İzmir, Turkey) A.E. Gülersoy, N. Gümüş, M.A. Çelik and A. İlhan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Assessment of the riverside vulnerability D. Kereselidze, L. Matchavariani, V. Trapaidze and G. Bregvadze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Mapping of biotopes between Amasra and İnkum (Bartın), Western Black Sea Region of Turkey Y.S. Nayim Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Determining the genetic relationships between cultivated type olives using ISSR and morphological markers E.D. Yegenoglu, M. Sesli and Y. Gevrekci Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Integration of a socio-economic dimension to the prioritization of combating erosion applications: Antalya case study U. COŞGUN Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Mountain regions, population and their ecological problems: Case study of Mestia municipality T. Khardziani, M. Elizbarashvili, R. Maisuradze, K. Bilashvili, Z. Seperteladze, T. Khuntselia, T. Eradze, E. Davitaia, N. Jamaspashvili, G. Dvalashvili, T. Aleksidze, M. Sharashenidze, N. Rukhadze and T. Gordeziani Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Temporal change of land use in the Protection Basin of Tahtalı Dam (1990-2015), (Izmir, Turkey) A.E. Gülersoy and M.A. Çelik Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Evaluation of climate parameters of black sea coastline in the background of climate change L. Lagidze, L. Matchavariani, G. Metreveli, N. Tsivtsivadze, N. Paichadze, Z. Gulashvili and D. Svanadze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
26 UPGMA and artificial neural networks applications on wild type olives M. Sesli E.D. Yeğenoğlu, V. Altıntaş and Y. Gevrekçi Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Determination of the energy, mass flow and temperature parameters in combustion systems of agricultural biomass residues H. Unal and A. Kara Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Possibility of determining soil pH using visible and near-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectrophotometry Zeynal Tümsavaş Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Application of visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict total nitrogen in soil Z. Tümsavaş Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
30 Complex speleogenetic processes and mineral deposition in the caucasus region of Georgia L. Asanidze, N. Chikhradze, Z. Lezhava, K. Tsikarishvili, J.S. Polk, G. Lominadze and N. Bolashvili Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
31 Assessment of hydrogeoecological features of the Yesil River Basin Z.A. Amirzhanovna, K.M. Zhanaleyeva, B.Z. Galimzhanovich, K.T. Saparov and E. Atasoy Kazakhstan ABSTRACT PAPER
32 Geomorphic attributes involved in sustainable ecosystem management scenarios for the Ignis-Gutai Mountains Romania M. Ilies, G. Ilies, M. Hotea and J.A. Wendt Romania ABSTRACT PAPER
33 Soil-plant interactions in the monumental plane trees (Platanus orientalis) grove-Çanakkale-Turkey M. Ozturk, I. Uysal, E. Yücel, V. Altay and E. Karabacak Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
34 Integration of high seeding densities and criss cross row planting pattern suppresses weeds and increases grain yield of spring wheat I. Hussain, E.A. Khan, G. Hassan, J. Gul, M. Ozturk, H. Alharby, K.R. Hakeem and S. Alamri Pakistan ABSTRACT PAPER
35 Determination of landscape hydrological resources– methodological aspects: A case study from Georgia D. Nikolashvili, V. Trapaidze, D. Svanadze and M. Tsitsagi Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
36 Positive aspects of studying the sedimentations in reservoirs through the natural experiments L. Matchavariani, G. Metreveli, L. Lagidze, Z. Gulashvili, D. Svanadze and N. Paichadze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER