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Issue : 2016 Nov ( Volume# 37 Number# 6 ) — Special Issue

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Nov 2016, and is a special issue. It's titled: Green Technologies in Bio-separations.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Exclusively Online
In silico drug designing approach to treat infectious disease using mangrove through docking analysis
A. Sheela Devi, J. Joseph and Johanna Rajkumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Exclusively Online
Improvement of membrane system for water treatment by synthesized gold nanoparticles
P. Bharathi, N. Balasubramanian, S. Anitha, V. Vijayabharathi and Bhuvenswari India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Exclusively Online
Development of gold nanoparticles supported membrane as an efficient material for protein detection
P. Bharathi, N. Balasubramanian, S. Anitha and V. Vijayabharathi India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Exclusively Online
Survey and occurrence of Rhizoctonia solani (Kuhn) causing sheath blight of rice and in vitro efficacy of bacterial antagonists against Rhizoctonia solani (Kuhn)
K. V. Neha, P. Balabaskar and R. Naveenkumar india ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Exclusively Online
Antimicrobial activity of essential oils against seed borne fungi of rice (Oryza sativa l.)
A. Muthukumar, G. Sangeetha and R. Naveenkumar india ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Exclusively Online
Effect of turbocharger on C.I engine performance and emissions using biodiesel blend
S. Pasupathy Raju, S. Somasundaram and T. Mohan Raj india ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Exclusively Online
Removal of high concentrations of chromium from aqueous solutions using leaves of Tamarindusindica: Kinetics and equilibrium studies
A. Muthulakshmi, R. Baskaran and N. Ashwin Karthick india ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Exclusively Online
Novel approach to produce ultra low sulfur diesel fuel by non-hydrodesulfurization process coupled with Bio-desulfurization technique to meet environmental standards
T. Sekar, M. Aslam Abdullah, F. Khushwant and P. Tanishq india ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Exclusively Online
Thermo physical propertiesof organic compound and its impact on environment
K. Sathya , R. Baskaran and T. R. Kubendran india ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Exclusively Online
Water quality assessment on Ooty Lake in Nilgiris district
N. Ilavarasan, R. Ilangovan and P. Rajesh Prasanna india ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Exclusively Online
Computational approach for the optimization of keratinase enzyme production from Bacillus cereus
T. P. Rajesh, R. Karthick Hari Mathan, S. Rajasekar and B. Anandaraj india ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Exclusively Online
Decolorization of Reactive Red 238 and Reactive Blue 235 dyes by iron oxide nanoparticles synthesized using Syzygium cumini leaf extract
Elavarasi Natarajan and Gomathi Priya Ponnaiah india ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Exclusively Online
Immobilization of laccase onto micro-emulsified magnetic nanoparticles for enhanced degradation of a textile recalcitrant
Nagarajan Balaji, Kannaiyan Sathish Kumar, Muthulingam Seenuvasan, Govindasamy Vinodhini and Madhava Anil Kumar india ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Exclusively Online
Biotransformation and detoxification of a greater tinctorial textile colorant using an isolated bacterial strain
Madhava Anil Kumar, Ramasamy Priyadarshini, Dhandapani Nilavunesan, Muthulingam Seenuvasan, Vaidyanathan Vinoth Kumar, Dhanasekaran Anuradha and Subramanian Sivanesan india ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Exclusively Online
Comparison of synthetic dyes decolourisation by Ganoderma sp. using immobilized enzyme
Prathibha B. Iyer, B. Atchaya, K. Sujatha and K. Rajmohan India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Exclusively Online
Immunostimulant potency of Cassia alata petals in Garra rufa
R. Jayasree, R. Prathiba, S. Sangavi, R. Krishnaveni and R. Indumathi India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Exclusively Online
Review on challenges and opportunities in the removal of nitrate from wastewater using electrochemical method
K. S. Rajmohan, M. Gopinath and Raghuram Chetty India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Exclusively Online
Purification and characterization of waste stream glycerol derived from biodiesel industry
Chozhavendhan Sivasankaran, Praveen Kumar Ramanujam, Sivarathnakumar Shanmugam, Kirubalini Govindaraji and Jayakumar Mani India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Exclusively Online
Physico-chemical characterization of β-Glucan produced from Bacillus cereus LVK13 (KC 898956)
Lakshminarayanan Vijayakumar and Ponnuswamy Ramalingam India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Exclusively Online
Bio-conversion of glycerol into commercial production of 1, 3 propanediol - A Review
Chozhavendhan Sivasankaran, Kirubalini Govindaraju and Jayakumar Mani Ethiopia ABSTRACT PAPER