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Issue : 2016 Nov ( Volume# 37 Number# 6 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Nov 2016.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Antimicrobial activity and molecular identification of Streptomyces strains isolated from Saudi Arabia Islem Abid, Ranaa Mujamammi and Muneera D.F. Alkahtani Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Antifungal potential of actinomycete isolate Streptomyces exfoliatus MT9 against wood-rotting fungi Poorva Sharma, Bharti Choudhary, Anand Nagpure and Rajinder K. Gupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Humid thermal ratio as a tool to assess mango thrips dynamics under subtropical climatic condition S. Gundappa, T. Adak and P.K. Shukla India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Toxic effects of permethrin on Pseudorasbora parva Ömer Saylar Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Applications of response surface methodology and artificial neural network for decolorization of distillery spent wash by using activated Piper nigrum P. Arulmathi and G. Elangovan India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Water quality assessment of Kavvayi Lake of northern Kerala, India using CCME water quality index and biological water quality criteria M. Shiji, A.R. Sabitha, Kavya Prabhakar and P.S. Harikumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Quantification of phenolic acids and antioxidant potential of inbred, hybrid and composite cultivars of maize under different nitrogen regimes Arshid Hussain Ganie, Peerzada Yasir Yousuf, Amjid Ahad, Renu Pandey, Sayeed Ahmad, Ibrahim M Aref, Jewel Jameeta Noor and Muhammad Iqbal India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Interrelationship between physico-chemical characteristics of a tropical lake and their impact on biodiversity of planktons Debashree Golder and Sanjib Chattopadhyay India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Genetic diversity assessment of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp ciceris isolates of Indian chickpea fields as revealed by the SRAP marker system K.R. Soren, Priyanka Gangwar, Payal Khatterwani, Ram Ganesh Chaudhary and Subhojit Datta India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Radon activity measurements in irrigation water from Qassim Province by RAD7 A.El-Taher and Ahmad Al-Turki Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Production of biodiesel from soybean oil biomass as renewable energy source Abhishek Churasia, Joginder Singh and Ajay Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Bee diversity assemblage on pigeon pea, Cajanus cajan along habitat gradient Gurpreet Singh Makkar and Pardeep K. Chhuneja India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 A comparison of mango seed kernel powder, mango leaf powder and Manilkara zapota seed powder for decolorization of methylene blue dye and antimicrobial activity B. Sundararaman and K.L. Muthuramu India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Genetic diversity analysis of fungal pathogen Bipolaris sorghicola infecting Sorghum bicolor in India Aravindaram Kandan, Jameel Akhtar, Baleshwar Singh, Deepa Pal, Dinesh Chand, Subramani Rajkumar and Prakash Chand Agarwal India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 The effects of dusts of bartin cement factory on Taurus Cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.) seeds' germination Handan Ucun Özel Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Contamination of vegetation growing on soils and substrates in the unhygienic region of Central Spiš (Slovakia) polluted by heavy metals Danica Fazekašová, Zuzana Boguská, Juraj Fazekaš, Jana Škvareninová and Jana Chovancová Slovakia ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Chemical content and antimicrobial properties of three different extracts of Mentha pulegium leaves from Mugla Region, Turkey Nur Ceyhan-Güvensen and Dilek Keskin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Exclusively Online
Some bark characteristics of Black Pine (Pinus nigra arnold.) and their variation throughout the tree height
Orhan Sevgi, Hüseyin Barış Tecimen, Serdar Carus, Serdar Akburak and Engin Çakşir Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Exclusively Online
Application of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for rapid and sensitive detection of fungal pathogen, Colletotrichum capsici in Capsicum annuum
Aravindaram Kandan, Jameel Akhtar, Baleshwar Singh, Deepa Pal, Dinesh Chand, Prakash Chandra Agarwal and Sunil Chandra Dubey India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Exclusively Online
Mapping natural forest disturbances in the Western Urals region using remote sensing
Sergey V. Pyankov and Andrey N. Shikhov Russian Federation ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Exclusively Online
Inter and intraspecific diversity of Chironomid larvae using COI and RAPD markers
Ramprasad Kuncham, Tha.Thayumanavan and Gopireddy V. Subba Reddy India ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Exclusively Online
Effect of iron application on iron nutrition of aerobic rice grown in different soils
B.L. Meena, R.K. Rattan, S.P. Datta and M.C. Meena India ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Exclusively Online
Neurotoxicological characterization of fractionated polypeptide from the Sea Anemone Gyrostoma helianthus on male albino rat
Mansour A. Al-Hazimi, Gomma M.N., Waggas A.S. and Sayed M. Rawi Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER