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Issue : 2016 Sep ( Volume# 37 Number# 5 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Sep 2016.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Radionuclides and heavy metals concentrations in traditional medicinal plants used in Saudi Arabia W. R. Alharbi Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Evaluation of Pseudomonas fluorescens for the management of tomato early blight disease and fruit borer Rabinder Kaur, Neelam Joshi, J. S. Virk and Sudhendu Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Effect of saline irrigation water on gas exchange and proline metabolism in ber (Ziziphus) D.L. Bagdi and G.K.Bagri India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Effects of Transgenic Bt+CpTI cotton on the abundance and diversity of rhizosphere ammonia oxidizing bacteria and archaea Lianhua Dong, Ying Meng, Jing Wang and Guoqing Sun China ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Role of growth media on the phytopromotional potential of symbiotic fungus Piriformospora indica Geeta Singh, Pankaj Sharma and Suneyana Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Isolation of marine fungi Aspergillus sp. and its in vitro antifouling activity against marine bacteria Santhanamari Thiyagarajan, Manoharan Bavya and Alruwaili Jamal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
7 GIS based evaluation of crop suitability for agricultural sustainability around Kolaghat thermal power plant, India Subhas Adak, Kalyan Adhikari and Koushik Brahmachari India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 The protective role of phytochemicals on TiO2 nanoparticles-induced DNA damage in lymphocytes A-Reum Ryu, In-Chul Bang, Seong-A Lee and Mi-Young Lee Republic of Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Kinetic and isotherm studies on adsorption of fluoride by limonite with batch technique Rubina Sahin, KavitaTapadia and Ashima Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Occurrence and characterization of hitherto unknown Streptomyces species in semi-arid soils Surendra Kumar, E. Priya, Dilip Singh Solanki, Ruchika Sharma, Praveen Gehlot, Rakesh Pathak and S.K. Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Study of commercial effective microorganism on composting and dynamics of plant essential metal micronutrients Ihsanullah Daur Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Estimation of age and longevity of freshwater fish Salmophasia balookee from otoliths, scales and vertebrae Suresh M. Kumbar and Swapnali B. Lad India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Do emissions from thermal power plants affect crop productivity? A study from the vicinity of Bellary Thermal Power Station, Karnataka, India K.R. Kiran, M.V. Ravi, B. Dhanya, B.S. Janagoudar, M.R. Umesh and K. Narayanarao India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Effects of heavy metal exposure on the morphological and microscopical characteristics of paddy plant A.M. Jamila Alfaraas, J. Khairiah, B.S. Ismail and T. Noraini Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Spatio-temporal study of carbon sequestration through piscicultural practice at East Kolkata Wetland Sudin Pal, Buddhadeb Chattopadhyay and Subhra Kumar Mukhopadhyay India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Micronutrient fortification in crop to enhance growth, yield and quality of aromatic rice Ashok Kumar, Avijit Sen and Rakesh Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Adsorption capacity of Curcuma longa for the removal of basic green1 dye – equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic study K.V. Roopavathi and S. Shanthakumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Assessment of natural radioactivity level and radiation hazards in soil samples of Wadi Al- Rummah Qassim province, Saudi Arabia Saleh Alashrah and A. El-Taher Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Effect of soil cadmium on growth, photosynthesis and quality of Raphanus sativus and Lactuca sativa Navjyot Kaur and Shalini Jhanji India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Study on improvement of continuous hydrogen production by photosynthetic biofilm in interior illuminant reactor Wenhui Liu, Linjiang Yuan and Bo Wei China ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Research on the experiment of reservoir water treatment applying ultrafiltration membrane technology of different processes Liyong Zhang, Penghui Zhang, Meng Wang, Kai Yang, Junjing Li and Junliang Liu China ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Exclusively Online
Disinfection of Klebsiella pneumoniae using ultrasonic systems
Filiz Bayrakcı Karel Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Exclusively Online
Morphology, genesis and classification of pear growing soils of Pulwama district in Lesser Himalayas of temperate Kashmir
Sartaj A. Wani, G.R. Najar, Tahir Ali, F. Akhtar India ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Exclusively Online
Effect of cattle manure amendment and rice cultivars on methane emission from paddy rice soil under continuously flooded conditions
Aung Zaw Oo, Khin Thuzar Win Takashi Motobayashi and Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura Germany ABSTRACT PAPER