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Issue : 2015 Jan ( Volume# 36 Number# 1 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jan 2015.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 The evaluation of anthropogenic impact on the ecological stability of landscape Eva Michaeli, Monika Ivanová and Štefan Koco Slovak Republic ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Modeling and mapping potential distribution of Crimean juniper (Juniperus excelsa Bieb.) using correlative approaches Kür?ad ÖZKAN, Özdemir ?ENTÜRK, Ahmet MERT and Mehmet Güvenç NEG?Z Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Relations between the land use and land capability classification in Küçük Menderes River Basin Ali Ekber Gülersoy, Nevzat Gümü?, M. Emin Sönmez and Gökhan Gündüzo?lu Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Making agriculture greener Brigitta Tóth Hungary ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Desertification risk in Kakheti Region, East Georgia Tsisana Basialashvili, Lia Matchavariani and Lamzira Lagidze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Analysis of land use changes near large water bodies in Ukraine using GIS Vyacheslav Bogdanets and Anatoliy Vlaev Ukraine ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Complex evaluation of climate change - an example from Georgia's landscapes Dali Nikolaishvili, Vazha Trapaidze, Besik Kalandadze, Tamar Mamukashvili and Manana Sharashenidze Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Impacts of anthropogenic factors on land degradation during the anthropocene in Turkey Isa Curebal, Recep Efe, Abdullah Soykan and Suleyman Sonmez Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by the leaves of Robinia pseudoacacia as a bioindicator tree in industrial zones Nikolina Tzvetkova and Krassimira Petkova Bulgaria ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Stakeholder participation to watershed management: A case study from Beysehir Lake Basin Fadim Yavuz and Tüzin Baycan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Determination of seasonal changes in wetlands using CHRIS/Proba Hyperspectral satellite images: A case study from Ac?göl (Denizli), Turkey Muhittin Karaman, Murat Budakoglu, Z. Damla Uca Avci, Emre Ozelkan, Ali Bulbul, Melda Civas and Suat Tasdelen Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Soil quality changes in response to their pollution by heavy metals, Georgia Lia Matchavariani, Besik Kalandadze, Lamzira Lagidze, Nino Gokhelashvili, Nino Sulkhanishvili, Nino Paichadze and Giorgi Dvalashvili Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Investigation of grapevine photosynthesis using hyperspectral techniques and development of hyperspectral band ratio indices sensitive to photosynthesis Emre Ozelkan, Muhittin Karaman, Serkan Candar, Zafer Coskun and Cankut Ormeci Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Medical aspects of atmosphere pollution in Tbilisi, Georgia Lamzira Lagidze, Lia Matchavariani, Nodar Tsivtsivadze, Nargiz Khidasheli, Nino Paichadze, Nargiz Motsonelidze and Maia Vakhtangishvili Georgia ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Indicator species of essential forest tree species in the Burdur district Mehmet Güvenç Neg?z, Yunus Eser, Emre Kuzugüdenl? and Kür?ad Özkan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Vegetation ecology of the Princes' Islands, Istanbul-Turkey Serpil Ozyigit, Volkan Altay, Ibrahim Ilker Ozyigit and Celal Yarci Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Effects of logging and recovery process on avian richness and diversity in hill dipterocarp tropical rainforest-Malaysia Mohamed Zakaria Husin and Muhammad Nawaz Rajpar Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Morphology, anatomy and cytology of critically endangered endemic Asperula daphneola from, West Anatolia, Turkey Salih Gucel Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ABSTRACT PAPER
19 The largest forest fires in Portugal: the constraints of burned area size on the comprehension of fire severity Fantina Tedim, Ruben Remelgado, João Martins and Salete Carvalho Portugal ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Possibility for using of two Paulownia lines as a tool for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil Nikolina Tzvetkova, Kamelya Miladinova, Katya Ivanova, Teodora Georgieva, Marya Geneva and Yuliana Markovska Bulgaria ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Environmental relationships of the vascular flora alongside the railway tracks between Haydarpa?a and Gebze (Istanbul-Kocaeli/ Turkey) V. Altay, I.I. Ozyigit, E. Osma, Y. Bakir, G. Demir, Z. Severoglu and C. Yarci Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Woody vegetation of ?ile and its environs (Istanbul/Turkey) and destruction of the area Y. Sezer, V. Altay, I.I. Ozyigit and C. Yarci Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Water quality and benthic fauna biodiversity in a unique small wetland at Messinia, Greece Konstantinos C. Gritzalis, Evangelia Anastasopoulou, Nikolaos A. Georgiopoulos, Vasiliki V. Markogianni and Nikolaos Th. Skoulikidis Greese ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Ecology, anatomy and morphology of Orchis spitzelii in Turkey Cenk Durmu?kahya, Yurdanur Akyol and Canan Özdemir Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER