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Issue : 2010 Nov ( Volume# 31 Number# 6 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Nov 2010.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Isozyme, ISSR and RAPD profiling of genotypes in marvel grass (Dichanthium annulatum) Raghvendra Saxena and Amaresh Chandra India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Nitrogen and sulphur mustard induced histopathological observations in mouse visceral organs Manoj Sharma, S.C. Pant, J.C. Pant and R. Vijayaraghavan India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Response of ultraviolet-B induced antioxidant defense system in a medicinal plant, Acorus calamus Rima Kumari, Suruchi Singh and S.B. Agrawal India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Assessment of urban air pollution and it’s probable health impact S.C. Barman, N. Kumar, R. Singh, G.C. Kisku, A.H. Khan, M.M. Kidwai, R.C. Murthy, M.P.S. Negi, P. Pandey, A.K. Verma, G. Jain and S.K. Bhargava India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Antagonistic and plant growth activity of Trichoderma isolates of Western Himalayas B.B. Joshi, R.P. Bhatt and D. Bahukhandi India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Impact of vehicular exhaust on ambient air quality of Rohtak city, India Vineeta Shukla, Poonam Dalal and Dhruva Chaudhry India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Effect of sulphur and phosphorus on yield, quality and nutrient status of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) P.B. Deshbhratar, P.K. Singh, A.P. Jambhulkar and D.S. Ramteke India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Effect of calcium against salinity-induced inhibition in growth, ion accumulation and proline contents in Cichorium intybus L. Anjum Arshi, Altaf Ahmad, Ibrahim M. Aref and Muhammad Iqbal India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Studies on in vitro degradability of mixed crude enzyme extracts produced from Pleurotus spp. Ram Naraian, Dharam Singh, Anju Verma and S.K. Garg India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Coalmine dust concentration and rate of tuberculosis infection around Ib Valley Coalfield, Orissa, India Haraprasad Mohapatra, Shreerup Goswami and Dologobinda Dey India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Prevalence of plasmid mediated pesticide resistant bacterial assemblages in crop fields S. Umamaheswari and M. Murali India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Use of degenerate primers in rapid generation of microsatellite markers in Panicum maximum Kapil Kumar Tiwari and Amaresh Chandra India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Application of remote sensing and geographical information system in mapping forest fire risk zone at Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, India S.V. Sowmya and R.K. Somashekar India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Studies on mycorrhizal inoculation on dry matter yield and root colonization of some medicinal plants grown in stress and forest soils K.K. Chandra, Neeraj Kumar and Gireesh Chand India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 A comparative study on intertidal faunal biodiversity of selected beaches of Mumbai coast S.N. Datta, S.K. Chakraborty, A.K. Jaiswar and G. Ziauddin India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Growth, biomass production and photosynthesis of Cenchrus ciliaris L. under Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) Hayne based silvopastoral systems in semi arid tropics A.K. Mishra, H.S. Tiwari and R.K. Bhatt. India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Seasonal variation of fish abundance and biomass in gillnet catches of an East Mediterranean lake: Lake Doirani Dimitra C. Bobori and Ioanna Salvarina Greece ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Effects of nitrogen treatments and harvesting stages on the aconitic acid, invert sugar and fiber in sweet sorghum cultivars A. Almodares, M. Ranjbar and M.R. Hadi Iran ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Characteristics of heat-treated Turkish pine and fir wood after ThermoWood processing Hamiyet Sahin Kol Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Usage of non-timber forest products by women in forest villages of Trabzon, Turkey Devlet Toksoy, Suleyman Alkan and Sezgin Hacisalihoglu Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Growth responses of in vitro Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum to external supply of tannic acid Hong-Sheng Wu, Ya-Dong Liu, Xiao-Ian Yang, Xiao-Qing Chen, Zeng-Hui Wang, Xiang-Yun Kong, Xiao-Xue Liu and Shuang Yan China ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Effects of wattle extract on Microcystic aeruginosa growth and the simulated mini fresh water ecosystem Zhou Lirong, Hou Linglong, Hu Yunyan, Song Jingguo and Chen Wenqing China ABSTRACT PAPER