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Issue : 2010 Sep ( Volume# 31 Number# 5 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Sep 2010.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Diversification of nitrogen fixing bacterial community using nifH gene as a biomarker in different geographical soils of Western Indian Himalayas Chhug Singh, Ravindra Soni, Sourabh Jain, Subhadip Roy and Reeta Goel India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Antifeedant activity of plant extracts to an insect Helopeltis theivora A.K. Dolui and M. Debnath India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Chromium (VI) biosorption by immobilized Aspergillus niger in continuous flow system with special reference to FTIR analysis S. Chhikara, A. Hooda, L. Rana and R. Dhankhar India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Heavy metal accumulation and changes in metabolic parameters in Cajanas cajan grown in mine spoil Bijoy Krishna Roy, Rajendra Prasad and Gunjan India ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Impact of phosphorous on biochemical changes in Hordeum vulgare L. in mixed cropping with Chickpea O.P. Shukla, P.K. Singh and P.B. Deshbhratar India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Chemometric studies of water quality parameters of Sankarankovil block of Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu G. Alagumuthu and M. Rajan India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Application of sensory and microbial analysis to assess quality of fish in Siliguri city of West Bengal, India Prithwiraj Jha, Rudra Prasad Roy and S. Barat India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Heavy metals in fish species from lotic freshwater ecosystem at Afikpo, Nigeria C.D. Nwani, D.A.Nwachi, O.I. Okogwu, E.F. Ude and G.E. Odoh India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Cytotoxicity assessment of monocrotophos in Paramecium caudatum and Oxytricha fallax Nageswara Rao Amanchi and Mohd Masood Hussain India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Growth response of Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani ) plantations to thinning intensity in Western Turkey Serdar Carus and Yilmaz Catal. Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Protective effect of kombucha mushroom (KM) tea on phenol-induced cytotoxicity in albino mice Kursad yapar, Kultigin Cavusoglu, Ertan Oruc and Emine yalcin. Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Usage and the economic potential of the medicinal plants in Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey Devlet Toksoy, Mahmut Bayramoglu and Sezgin Hacisalihoglu Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Seasonal succession and diversity of phytoplankton in a eutrophic lagoon (Liman lake) Elif Neyran Soylu and Arif Gonulol Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Effective antibacterial and antioxidant properties of methanolic extract of Laurus nobilis seed oil Birgul Ozcan, Mari Esen, M. Kemal Sangun, Arzu Coleri and Mahmut Caliskan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Enumeration and identification of gram negative bacteria present in soil underlying urban waste-sites in southwestern Nigeria A.C. Achudume and J.T. Olawale Nigeria ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Estimation of municipal solid waste generation and landfill area in Asian developing countries Anupam Khajuria, Yugo Yamamoto and Tohru Morioka Japan ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Preparation and assay of C-glucosyltransferase from roots of Pueraria lobata Gang Chen, Xuan Wu, Wen-Ling Zhou and Ling Li China ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Detection of lipid peroxidation and cytotoxicity induced by aluminium (Al) and cobalt (Co) ions in barbunia root tip cells Kultigin Cavusoglu and Emine Yalcin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Inheritance of pod and seed traits in chickpea B. Tuba Bicer and Dogan Sakar Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Changes in some soil properties at different incubation periods after tobacco waste application Coskun Gulser, Zeynep Demir and Serkan Ic Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Production of valued materials from squid viscera by subcritical water hydrolysis Md. Salim Uddin, Hyang-Min Ahn, Hideki Kishimura and Byung-Soo Chun Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Seasonal variations in physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals in water and sediments of Uppanar estuary, Nagapattinam, India R. Sankar, L. Ramkumar, M. Rajkumar, Jun Sun and G. Ananthan India ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Diurnal vertical migration of Cochlodinium polykrikoides during the red tide in Korean coastal sea waters Young Sug Kim, Chang Su Jeong, Gi Tak Seong, In Sung Han and Young Sik Lee Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Mosquito biodiversity of Dibru-Saikhowa biosphere reserve in Assam, India P. Dutta, A. Prakash, D.R. Bhattacharyya, S.A. Khan, P.R. Gogoi, C.K. Sharma and J. Mahanta India ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Effect of cyanobacterial exopolysaccharides on salt stress alleviation and seed germination Monu Arora, A. Kaushik, Nisha Rani and C.P. Kaushik India ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Level of organochlorine pesticide residues in dry fruit nuts Pragya Pandey, R.B. Raizada and L.P. Srivastava India ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Impact of rhizobacteria on growth and chromium accumulation in Scirpus lacustris L. grown under chromium supplementation N.K. Singh, U.N. Rai, M. Singh and R.D. Tripathi India ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Ultrastructure changes in hepatocytes of catfish Clarias gariepinus from Lake Mariut, Egypt Ashraf M. Abdel-Moneim and Hala A. Abdel-Mohsen Egypt ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Impact of osmotic stress on seed germination and seedling growth in black gram (Phaseolus mungo) Veer Pratap and Yogesh Kumar Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER