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Issue : 2009 Jan ( Volume# 30 Number# 1 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jan 2009.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Isolation and characterization of a Pseudomonas diesel-degrading strain from Antarctica M.Y. Shukor, N.A.A. Hassan, A.Z. Jusoh, N. Perumal, N.A. Shamaan, W.P. MacCormack and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Chromosomal aberrations induced by radiotherapy in lymphocytes from patients with lung cancer Kultigin Cavusoglu, Sukran Cakir Arica, Isik Bokesoy and Cengiz Kurtman Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Kinetic comparison of microbial assemblages for the anaerobic treatment of wastewater with high sulfate and heavy metal contents Nusara Sinbuathong, Pramote Sirirote, Winai Liengcharernsit, Sutha Khaodhiar and Daniel J. Watts Thailand ABSTRACT PAPER
4 The development of an inhibitive determination method for zinc using a serine protease M.Y. Shukor, N.A. Baharom, N.A. Masdor, M.P.A. Abdullah, N.A. Shamaan, J.A. Jamal and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Resistances of antibiotics and heavy metals in Enterobacteriaceae spp. isolated from gills and intestines of Achanthobrama marmid (Heckel,1843) from Sir Dam lake Turkey Sevil Toroglu, Emin Toroglu, Sadik Dincer, Cemil Kara and Metin Kertmen Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Microbial pollution of water in Golbasi lake in Adiyaman, Turkey Emin Toroglu and Sevil Toroglu Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Development of an inhibitive enzyme assay for copper M.Y. Shukor, N.A. Bakar, A.R. Othman, I. Yunus, N.A. Shamaan and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Horizontal transfer of antibiotic resistance genes among gram negative bacteria in sewage and lake water and influence of some physico-chemical parameters of water on conjugation process M.R. Shakibaie, K.A. Jalilzadeh and S.M. Yamakanamardi Iran ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Defensive and secondary metabolism in Astragalus chrysochlorus cell cultures, in response to yeast extract stressor Ozgur Cakir and Sule Ari Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Isolation and characterization of an acrylamide-degrading Bacillus cereus M.Y. Shukor, N. Gusmanizar, N.A. Azmi, M. Hamid, J. Ramli, N.A. Shamaan and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Reduction of Mo(VI) by the bacterium Serratia sp. strain DRY5 M.F.A. Rahman, M.Y. Shukor, Z. Suhaili, S. Mustafa, N.A. Shamaan and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Nitrogen fixation capacity of Azotobacter spp. strains isolated from soils in different ecosystems and relationship between them and the microbiological properties of soils Ridvan Kizilkaya Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Gene expression of acetylcholinesterase in hybrid catfish (Clarias gariepinus X Clarias macrocephalus) exposed to chlorpyrifos and carbaryl Chawanrat Somnuek, Chuta Boonphakdee, Voravit Cheevaporn and Keiichi Tanaka Thailand ABSTRACT PAPER
14 A simple method to screen for azo-dye-degrading bacteria M.A. Syed, H.K. Sim, A. Khalid and M.Y. Shukor Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Cloning and expression analysis of an aldehyde oxidase gene in Arachis hygogaea L. Lixia Yang, Jianhua Liang, Haihang Li and Ling Li China ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Identification and characterization of bacteria isolated under selective pressure of volatile organic compounds Marcello Civilini Italy ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Isolation and characterization of an acrylamide-degrading Antarctic bacterium M.Y. Shukor, N. Gusmanizar, J. Ramli, N.A. Shamaan, W.P. MacCormack and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Radioprotective effect of lycopene on chromosomal aberrations (CAs) induced by gamma radiation in human lymphocytes Kultigin Cavusoglu and Emine Yalcin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Contributions of available substrates and activities of trophic microbial community to methanogenesis in vegetative and reproductive rice rhizospheric soil Sansanee Chawanakul, Pawinee Chaiprasert, Sirintornthep Towprayoon and Morakot Tanticharoen Thailand ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Isolation and characterization of an SDS-degrading Klebsiella oxytoca M.Y. Shukor, W.S.W. Husin, M.F.A. Rahman, N.A. Shamaan and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Assessment of Clarias batrachus as a source of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) for the detection of insecticides L.G. Tham, N. Perumal, M.A. Syed, N.A. Shamaan and M.Y. Shukor Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Plant-enhanced phenanthrene and pyrene biodegradation in acidic soil Waraporn Chouychai, Amporn Thongkukiatkul, Suchart Upatham, Hung Lee, Prayad Pokethitiyook and Maleeya Kruatrachue Thailand ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Characterization of a diesel-degrading strain isolated from a hydrocarbon-contaminated site M.Y. Shukor, F.A. Dahalan, A.Z. Jusoh, R. Muse, N.A. Shamaan and M.A. Syed Malaysia ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Antibacterial effects of minerals from ores indigenous to Korea Seul Ki Park, Chang Won Lee and Mi Young Lee Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Application of quantitative real-time PCR for quantification of Rhodococcus sp. EH831 in a polyurethane biofilter E.H. Lee, K.S. Cho and H.W. Ryu Republic of Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Short Communication
Biosurfactant production in sugar beet molasses by some Pseudomonas spp.
Dilsad Onbasli and Belma Aslim Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER