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Issue : 2008 Jul ( Volume# 29 Number# 4 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jul 2008.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Ecosystem structure and trophic level to the oceanographic conditions around the waters of Jeju Island Young Min Choi, Joon Taek Yoo, Jung Hwa Choi, Kwang Ho Choi, Jin Koo Kim, Yeong Seup Kim and Jong Bin Kim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Interactions between marine facultative epiphyte Chlamydomonas sp. (Chlamydomonadales, Chlorophyta) and ceramiaceaen algae (Rhodophyta) Tatyana A. Klochkova, Ga Youn Cho, Sung Min Boo, Ki Wha Chung, Song ja Kim and Gwang Hoon Kim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Age and growth of the red tilefish, Branchiostegus japonicus in the northern East China Sea Joon Taek Yoo, Young Min Choi, Yeong Hye Kim and Jung Hwa Choi Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Protein properties of mackerel viscera extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide Ji Yeon Park, Sung Sin Back and Byung Soo Chun Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Fluctuations in abundance of common squid, Todarodes pacificus in the far east Yeong Gong and Kwang Ho Choi Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Population biology and feeding habits of the nephropid lobster Metanephrops thomsoni (Bate, 1888) in the East China Sea Jung Hwa Choi, Jung Nyun Kim, Mi Hyang Kim, Dae Soo Chang, Joon Taek Yoo and Jin Koo Kim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Isolation of cadmium-induced DNA sequence in microalga Nannochloropsis oculata Joong Kee Min, Tae Yeon Rhim, Hyun Woong Shin and Mi Young Lee Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
8 The influence of developmental stages and protective additives on cryopreservation of surf clam (Spisula sachalinensis) larvae Youn Hee Choi, Jeong Yong Lee and Young Jin Chang Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Anti-inflammatory activities of methanol extracts from various seaweed species Mohammed N.A. Khan, Jae Suk Choi, Min Chul Lee, Eliya Kim, Taek Jeong Nam, Hitoshi Fujii and Yong Ki Hong Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
10 A short note on a euphausiid, Euphausia pacifica, an important food source to demersal fishes in Uljin area, the eastern coast of Korea Jinho Chae, Changhoon Han, Jae Hac Lee and Jae Sang Hong Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Identification of a Taq DNA polymerase inhibitor from the red seaweed Symphyocladia latiuscula Hyung Joo Jin, Mi Young Oh, Deuk Hee Jin and Yong Ki Hong Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Antioxidant activity of mojabanchromanol, a novel chromene, isolated from brown alga Sargassum siliquastrum Sun Hee Cho, Ji Young Cho, Se Eun Kang , Yong Ki Hong and Dong Hyun Ahn Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Notes on freshwater and terrestrial algae from Ny-Ă…lesund, Svalbard (high Arctic sea area) Gwang Hoon Kim, Tatyana A. Klochkova and Sung Ho Kang Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Seasonal variations of marine algal community in the vicinity of Uljin nuclear power plant, Korea Y.S. Kim, H.G. Choi and K.W. Nam Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Macrobenthic community at type and age-different artificial reefs located along the Korean coast of the East Sea Wan Ki Kim, Yong Soo Son, Ji Hyun Lee, Jeung Pyo Hong, Young Seop Kim, Jeong Woo Lee and Qtae Jo Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Effects of the coastal sediment elutriates containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on early reproductive outputs of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas Qtae Jo, Eun Jung Choy, Chang Keun Kang, Hyo Bang Moon, Su Jeong Lee, Dae Hyun Kim and Ji Hyun Lee Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Neutralization of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) for Penaeus chinensis by antiserum raised against recombinant VP19 Yu Mi Ha, Yun Im Kim, Ki Hong Kim and Sung Koo Kim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Spatial variability in long-term changes of climate and oceanographic conditions in Korea Sukgeun Jung Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Productivity and abundance of bacteria and phytoplankton in Incheon Dock, western coast of Korea Jong Su Yoo Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Phylogenetic analyses of Prorocentrum spp. and Alexandrium spp. isolated from Northern coast of Vietnam based on 18S rDNA sequence Dang Diem Hong, Hoang Thi Minh Hien, Ngo Hoai Thu, Hoang Lan Anh and Quoc Hai Luyen Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Detection of marine pathogenic bacterial Vibrio species by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Mal Nam Kim and Hyo Joo Bang Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Taxonomic re-appraisal of Antithamnion sparsum Tokida (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta) Gwang Hoon Kim, He Kyong Han and Kook Jin Lim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Segregation distortion at a microsatellite marker in the olive flounder, Paralichtys olivaceus Jung Ha Kang, Jong Hyun Kim, Hyun Chul Kim, Jae Koo Noh, Jeong Ho Lee and Kyung Kil Kim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Effects of sediment disturbance caused by bridge construction on macrobenthic communities in Asan Bay, Korea Sang Gyu Paik, Sung Gyu Yun, Heung Sik Park, Jae Hac Lee and Chae Woo Ma Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Heteropolymorphism of mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3 gene for the population analysis of chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta M. Yoon, Y.S. Choi, H.J. Jin, Y.C. Sohn, S.K. Lee and D.H. Jin Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Production of polyclonal antibody against recombinant ORF 112 L of rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus) iridovirus (RBIV) and in vitro neutralization Yun Im Kim, Yu Mi Ha, Yoon Kwon Nam, Ki Hong Kim and Sung Koo Kim Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Cloning and expression analysis of a small HSP26 gene of Pacific abalone (Haliotis discus hannai) Eun Mi Park, Young Ok Kim, Bo Hye Nam, Hee Jeong Kong, Woo Jin Kim, Sang Jun Lee, Young Ju Jee, In Soo Kong and Tae Jin Choi Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
28 First record of three species of octopodidae and gonatidae, cephalopods in the East/Japan Sea Yeonghye Kim, Dong Woo Lee, Byung Kyu Hong and Young Yull Chun Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Distribution of a pelagic tunicate, Salpa fusiformis in warm surface current of the eastern Korean waters and its impingement on cooling water intakes of Uljin nuclear power plant Jinho Chae, Hyun Woo Choi, Woo Jin Lee, Dongsung Kim and Jae Hac Lee Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
30 Off-flavors removal and storage improvement of mackerel viscera by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction Min Kyung Lee, Md. Salim Uddin and Byung Soo Chun Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
31 Changes in activity of hepatic xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes of tiger puffer (Takifugu rubripes) exposed to paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins J.K. Jeon, J.S. Lee, W.J. Shim, O. Aarakawa, T. Takatani, S. Honda and T. Noguchi Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
32 Screening and formulation of chemoattractant coatings for artificial reef structures Han Seong Lee, M. Sidharthan, Cheol Soo Shim, Young Do Kim, Chi Young Lim, J.W. Ko, Man Deuk Han, Maeng Joo Rang, Lee Sae Bim, Hwan Sung Cho and H.W. Shin Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
33 Rapid attachment of spores of the fouling alga Ulva fasciata on biofilms Hyun Woung Shin Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
34 Comparison of the effectiveness of four organic chemoattractants towards zoospores of Ulva pertusa and macrofouling Ji Hyun Lee, M. Sidharthan, Sang Mok Jung, Qtae Jo, Mohammad M. Rahman and Hyun Woung Shin Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
35 A review of epiphyte community development: Surface interactions and settlement on sea grass Teena S. Michael, Hyun Woung Shin, Richard Hanna and David C. Spafford Korea ABSTRACT PAPER