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Issue : 2009 Mar ( Volume# 29 Number# 2 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Mar 2009.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Combined effects of heavy metal (Hg) concentration and algal (Chlorella vulgaris) food density on the population growth of Brachionus calyciflorus (Rotifera: Brachionidae) Teresa Ramirez Perez and S.S.S. Sarma Mexico ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Biomanagement of sago-sludge using an earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae J. Rajesh Banu, Ick Tae Yeom, S. Esakkiraj, Naresh Kumar and S. Logakanthi Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Impact of different doses of lead on internal organs of quails Vandana Mehrotra, V.L. Saxena and A.K. Saxena India ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Seasonal activity of Bombus terrestris L. in east Mediterranean region, Turkey Mahmut Murat Aslan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Chromium (VI) tolerance in two halotolerant strains of Nostoc Bala Kiran, Nisha Rani and Anubha Kaushik India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Assessment of bio-medical waste management in three apex government hospitals of Agra Shalini Sharma and S.V.S.Chauhan India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Reproduction and growth of the freshwater prawn, Palaemon paucidens (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) in a lake of Korea Jong Chun Kim, Chae Woo Ma, Chul Woong Oh and Sang Gyu Paik Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Ovarian development in Labeo dyocheilus (McClelland) during active reproductive phase under captive and wild conditions Ajeet Singh, I.J. Singh, R.N. Ram and B. Kushwaha India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Effect of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on growth, protein and chlorophyll-a content of Chlorella vulgaris and Spirulina platensis cells Saadet Demirors Saygideger and Ozlem Okkay Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Environmental impact reduction through ecological planning at Bahia Magdalena, Mexico Giovanni Malagrino, Magdalena Lagunas and Alfredo Ortega Rubio Mexico ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Influence of endosulfan and monocrotophos exposure on the activity of NADPH cytochrome C reductase (NCCR) of Labeo rohita (Ham) K. Ramaneswari and L.M. Rao India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Devicyprin induced gonadal impairment in a freshwater food fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch) Rajesh K. Srivastava, Kamlesh K. Yadav and Sunil P. Trivedi India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Seed germination of Cistus creticus L. and Cistus laurifolius L. as influenced by dry-heat, soaking in distilled water and gibberellic acid Fahrettin Tilki Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Accumulation, tolerance and impact of aluminium, copper and zinc on growth and nitrate reductase activity of Ceratophyllum demersum (hornwort) C.E. Umebese and A.F. Motajo Nigeria ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Histoenzymological study on the toxicity of copper sulphate in the digestive glands of Lymnaea luteola Sarvesh Mathur and Ashok Kumar Gupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Evaluation of physical, chemical and microbiological properties of lake Uluabat, Turkey Ayse Elmaci, Fatma Olcay Topac, Nihan Ozengin, Arzu Teksoy, Sudan Kurtoglu and Huseyin Savas Baskaya Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Soil mycofloral responses following the exposure to 2, 4-D Namita Joshi and Deep Gupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Physico-chemical and microbial characteristics of the coral reef environment of the Gulf of Mannar marine biosphere reserve, India E. Kannapiran, L. Kannan, A. Purushothaman and T. Thangarajdou India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Defoliation levels of oriental spruce by Ips typographus (L.) in relation to elevation and exposure E. Akkuzu and S. Guner. Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Removal of fluoride by thermally activated carbon prepared from neem (Azadirachta indica) and kikar (Acacia arabica) leaves Sunil Kumar, Asha Gupta and J.P.Yadav India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Phytoplankton as index of water quality with reference to industrial pollution T.R. Shashi Shekhar, B.R.Kiran, E.T. Puttaiah, Y. Shivaraj and K.M. Mahadevan India ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Solubilization of water-insoluble b-glucan isolated from Ganoderma lucidum Man Deuk Han, Yeon Soo Han, Sung Hee Hyun and Hyun Woung Shin S. Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Allelotoxicity of Parthenium leaf extracts on cytomorphological behaviour of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) G. Kumar and Neelam Gautam India ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Macroinvertebrate colonization and breakdown of leaves in an astatic pond in south India S. Dinakaran, S. Anbalagan, S. Lingathurai and M. Martin India ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Impact of copper on haematological profile of freshwater fish, Channa punctatus Dharam Singh, Kamlesh Nath, S.P. Trivedi and Y.K. Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Effect of malathion on reproductive system of male rats Nisha Choudhary, Rekha Goyal and S.C. Joshi India ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) collected during the long term ecological research in a Hungarian oak forest Adalbert Balog, Viktor Marko and Laszlo Adam Romania ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Pollution level in distillery effluent and its phytotoxic effect on seed germination and early growth of maize and rice S.N. Pandey, B.D. Nautiyal and C.P. Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Abundance and seasonal variations of phytoplankton in the creek waters of western mangrove of Kachchh-Gujarat A. Saravanakumar, M. Rajkumar, G.A. Thivakaran and J. Sesh Serebiah India ABSTRACT PAPER