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Issue : 2007 Jul ( Volume# 28 Number# 3 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jul 2007.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Inter-relationship between growth analysis and carbohydrate contents of sweet sorghum cultivars and lines A. Almodares, R. Taheri and S. Adeli Iran ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Piscicidal potential of mesocarp of neem plant (Azardirachta indica L.) fruit on hybrid, “Heteroclarias” A.A. Akinwande, A.O. Sogbesan, F.O. Moody and A.A.A. Ugwumba Nigeria ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Calculation of search volume on cruise-searching planktivorous fish in foraging model Bae Kyung Park, Yong Seok Lee and Seok Soon Park South Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Heavy metal accumulation in water, sediments and fishes of Nallihan Bird Paradise, Turkey Zafer Ayas, Guler Ekmekci, Sedat Vahdet Yerli and Murat Ozmen Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
5 In vitro antimicrobial activity and antagonistic effect of essential oils from plant species Sevil Toroglu Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Effects of copper on chlorophyll, proline, protein and abscisic acid level of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) seedlings Fikriye Kirbag Zengin and Sevda Kirbag Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
7 An investigation on endoparasites of Rana ridibunda complex (s. l.) with dermal parasite (metacercariae ) in Dalaman (Turkey) Guler Unal, Gulendame Saygi, Dincer Ayaz and Cemal Varol Tok Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Effects of tributyl-tin on a marine microalga, Tetraselimis suecica Yong Hoon Yoo, M. Sidharthan and H.W. Shin South Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Combinatorial effects of distillery and sugar factory effluents in crop plants Kamlesh Nath, Dharam Singh and Yogesh Kumar Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Antioxidative response of Lemna polyrrhiza L. to cadmium stress Riffat John, Parvaiz Ahmad, Kasturi Gadgil and Satyawati Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Physico-chemical characteristics of water samples of Bantwal Taluk, south-western Karnataka, India P.G. Smitha, K. Byrappa and S.N. Ramaswamy India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Epidemiological studies on bicycle manufacturing industrial workers Vineeta Shukla, Sharda Abusaria, Monika Dhankhar and K.V. Sastry India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Growth of Avicennia marina and Ceriops decandra seedlings inoculated with halophilic azotobacters S. Ravikumar, K. Kathiresan, S.Liakath Alikhan, G. Prakash Williams and N. Anitha Anandha Gracelin India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Endosulfan induced changes in phospholipids in the freshwater female catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) Pratap B. Singh and Vandana Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Anaerobic degradation of coconut husk leachate using UASB-reactor C. Neena, P.S. Ambily and M.S. Jisha India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Plasmid mediated antibiotic resistance in marine bacteria R. Thavasi, K. Aparnadevi, S. Jayalakshmi and T. Balasubramanian India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 Influence of agro-waste amendment on soil microbial population in relation to plant growth response N.S. Kulkarni, J.V. Jaiswal and M.G. Bodhankar India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Effect of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii - histopathological and electron microscopic study K. Ramalingam and S. Ramarani India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Heavy metal accumulation in certain marine animals along the East Coast of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India K. Arun Kumar and Hema Achyuthan India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Partial purification and anti-leukemic activity of L-asparaginase enzyme of the actinomycete strain LA-29 isolated from the estuarine fish, Mugil cephalus (Linn.) Maloy Kumar Sahu, E. Poorani, K. Sivakumar, T. Thangaradjou and L. Kannan. India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Phytostabilization of mine waste : Growth and physiological responses of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp Shruti Kshirsagar and N.C. Aery India ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Impact of cadmium and lead on Catharanthus roseus - A phytoremediation study S. Pandey, K. Gupta and A. K. Mukherjee India ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Impact of low dose of organophosphate, monocrotophos on the epithelial cells of gills of Cyprinus carpio communis Linn. - SEM study M.S.Johal, M.L.Sharma and Ravneet India ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Pollution status and conservation strategies of Moirang river, Manipur with a note on its aquatic bio-resources Laishram Kosygin, Haobijam Dhamendra and Rajkumari Gyaneshwari India ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Microbial decolorization and bioremediation of melanoidin containing molasses spent wash K. D. Singh, S. Sharma, A. Dwivedi, P. Pandey, R.L. Thakur and V. Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Histopathological changes in testis of the freshwater fish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) exposed to linear alkyl benzene sulphonate (LAS) Manoj Kumar, S. P. Trivedi, Abha Misra and Shuchi Sharma India ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Assessment of drain water receiving effluent from tanneries and its impact on soil and plants with particular emphasis on bioaccumulation of heavy metals R.K. Sahu, S. Katiyar, Jaya Tiwari and G. C. Kisku India ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Life table demography of Ceriodaphnia dubia (Cladocera) exposed to copper at different levels and periods Jose Luis Gama-Flores, Maria Elena Castellanos-Paez, S.S.S. Sarma, S. Nandini Mexico ABSTRACT PAPER