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Issue : 2007 Apr ( Volume# 28 Number# 2 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Apr 2007.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Acute toxicity levels and ethological responses of Channa striatus to fertilizer industrial wastewater A. Yadav, S. Neraliya and A. Gopesh India ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Structure of aldobiouronic acid and glucuronic acid from Agathis australis degraded gum polysaccharide R. B. Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Modeling individual tree mortality for crimean pine plantations Mehmet Misir, Nuray Misir and Hakki Yavuz Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Biofouling attractants from a brown marine alga Ecklonia cava M. Sidharthan, G.S. Viswanadh, Kyoung Ho Kim, Hyuk Jun Kim and H.W. Shin S. Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Effect of phenol on haematological components of Indian major carps Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala K. S. Tilak, K. Veeraiah and M.S. Butchiram India ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Morphology and cultural behavior of Botryococcus protuberans with notes on the genus U. N. Rai, S. Dwivedi, V. S. Baghel, R. D. Tripathi, O.P. Shukla and M.K. Shukla India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Characterization of soil erosion and its implication to forest management Nuray Misir, Mehmet Misir, Uzay Karahalil and Hakki Yavuz Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Effect of salicylic acid on morphological and biochemical attributes in cowpea A. Chandra, A. Anand and A. Dubey India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in indoor air flora of district hospital, Mandya, Karnataka P. Nandalal and R.K. Somashekar India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Screening of hepatoprotective effect of a herbal mixture against CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity in Swiss albino mice A. Arun Sam Lal, P. Balakrishna Murthy and K. Sadasivan Pillai India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Impact of soil types and petroleum effluents on the earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae B.O. Oboh, Y. Adeyinka, S. Awonuga and M.O. Akinola Nigeria ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Effects of irrigation water qualities on biomass and sugar contents of sugar beet and sweet sorghum cultivars A. Almodares and M.E. Sharif Iran ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Seasonal variations in different physico-chemical parameters of the effluents of Century Pulp and Paper Mill, Lal Kuan, Uttarakhand Piyush Malaviya and V. S. Rathore India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 The household garbage in the western coast region of Turkey and its relationship with the socio-economic characterstics G. Atasoylu, E. D. Evci, E. Kaya, F. Ergin , D. Tikir and E. Beser Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Utilization of both benthic macroinvertebrates and physicochemical parameters for evaluating water quality of the stream Cekerek (Tokat, Turkey) Mustafa Duran and Menderes Suicmez Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Sediment texture and nutrients of Arasalar estuary, Karaikkal, south-east coast of India S. Bragadeeswaran, M. Rajasegar, M. Srinivasan and U. Kanaga Rajan India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 A study on major inorganic ion composition of atmospheric aerosols P.R. Salve, R.J. Krupadam and S.R. Wate India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Impact of industrial effluents on the biochemical composition of fresh water fish Labeo rohita D.V. Muley, D.M. Karanjkar and S.V. Maske India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Effect of isopod parasite, Cymothoa indica on gobiid fish, Oxyurichthys microlepis from Parangipettai coastal waters (South-east coast of India) V. Ravi and M. Rajkumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Pollution tolerance and distribution pattern of plants in surrounding area of coal-fired industries A. K. Dwivedi and B. D. Tripathi India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Association studies for agro-physiological and quality traits of triticale X bread wheat derivatives in relation to drought and cold stress Dorin Gupta, R.K. Mittal, Anil Kant and Mohar Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Effect of natural preservatives on the growth of histamine producing bacteria S. Paramasivam, T. Thangaradjou and L. Kannan India ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Role of cortisol on condition factor in the female freshwater fish, Notopterus notopterus during four reproductive phases D.S. Shankar, S. Sudarashan and R.S. Kulkarni India ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Protective role of nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) against the genotoxic damage induced by ethynodiol diacetate in human lymphocytes in vitro Yasir Hasan Siddique, Gulshan Ara, Tanveer Beg and Mohammad Afzal. India ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Radical scavenging activity of Trianthema triquetra in male albino rats intoxicated with CCl4 M. Chitra and K. Nithyanandhi India ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Monitoring of cellular enzymes in the serum of electroplating workers at Coimbatore C.P. Saraswathy and M.V. Usharani India ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Potable groundwater quality in some villages of Haryana, India: Focus on fluoride Mukul Bishnoi and Shalu Arora India ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Natural tree collectives of pure oriental spruce [Picea orientalis (L.) Link] on mountain forests in Turkey Ali Omer Ucler , Zafer Yucesan, Ali Demirci, Hakki Yavuz and Ercan Oktan Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Leaf biochemistry of Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. at different stages of plant development as affected by mercury treatment Nidhi Gauba, Mahmooduzzafar, T.O. Siddiqi, S. Umar and Muhammad Iqbal India ABSTRACT PAPER
30 Performance of Duckweed (Lemna minor L.) on different types of wastewater treatment Nihan Ozengin and Ayse Elmaci Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
31 Effect of polystimulin growth regulators and scion clones on graft success and subsequent growth in Atlantic cedar (Cedrus atlantica Manetti) Erol Kirdar and Murat Ertekin Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
32 Nutrient consumption and production of isoflavones in bioreactor cultures of Pueraria lobata (Willd) G. Chen and L. Li China ABSTRACT PAPER
33 Artificial UV-B induced changes in pigmentation of marine diatom Coscinodiscus gigas A. Yogamoorthi India ABSTRACT PAPER
34 Short Communication
Fluorides in groundwater and its impact on health
K. Shailaja and Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson India ABSTRACT PAPER