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Issue : 2006 Jan ( Volume# 27 Number# 1 )

The Journal publishes six issues in a year. This issue is of Jan 2006.

The following is the list of contents of the issue. The abstract and the full text of each paper can be seen by clicking on the links below.

S.No. Paper Name and Details Author(s) Country Abstract Full Paper
1 Growth inhibition in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) fish exposed to tetrachloroethylene Hattie B. Spencer , Wedad R. Hussein and Paul B. Tchounwou USA ABSTRACT PAPER
2 Changes in oxygen consumption and heart rate of the blue swimming crab, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1766) following exposure to sublethal concentrations of copper Ratsamee Ketpadung and Nongnud Tangkrock-olan Thailand ABSTRACT PAPER
3 Seed germination in response to chemicals: Effect of nitrogen and pH in the media M. A. Pérez-Fernández, E. Calvo-Magro, J. Montanero-Fernández and J.A. Oyola-elasco Spain ABSTRACT PAPER
4 Production of puerarin and isoflavones in cell suspension cultures of Pueraria lobata (Willd.): Effects of medium supplementation with casein hydrolysate and coconut milk L. Li and C.R. Zhang China ABSTRACT PAPER
5 Growth responses of scots pine seedlings grown in peat-based media amended with natural zeolite S. Ayan and A. Tufekcioglu Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
6 Seasonal phytoplanktonic diversity of Kitham lake, Agra Ashesh Tiwari and S.V.S. Chauhan India ABSTRACT PAPER
7 Study of carbohydrate metabolism in selected tissues of freshwater mussel, Lamellidens marginalis under copper sulphate toxicity K. Satyaparameshwar, T. Ravinder Reddy and N. Vijaya Kumar India ABSTRACT PAPER
8 Physiological changes in certain test plants under automobile exhaust pollution Madhumanjari Mandal India ABSTRACT PAPER
9 Limnology of Kharland (saline) ponds of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra in relationto prawn culture potential D.N. Saksena, D.M. Gaidhane and H. Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
10 Combined effects of enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation and mineral nutrients on growth,biomass accumulation and yield characteristics of two cultivars of Vigna radiata L. S.B. Agrawal, Dheeraj Rathore and Anoop Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
11 Impact of Ni(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) on biogassification of potato waste Anuj Kumar, P. Miglani , R.K.Gupta and T.K. Bhattacharya India ABSTRACT PAPER
12 Influence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus MTCC 451 on the levels of ascorbic acid and histamine in Penaeus monodon (Fabricius) K. Ramalingam and D.R. Shyamala India ABSTRACT PAPER
13 Seasonal pattern of metal bioaccumulation and their toxicity on Sphagnum squarrosum Anuj Saxena India ABSTRACT PAPER
14 Monitoring changes in forest and other land use forms in Istanbul Hakan Yener and Ayhan Koc Turkey ABSTRACT PAPER
15 Anticlastogenic action of vitamin C against genotoxicity of estrogenic drug diethylstilbestrol (DES) in the human lymphocyte chromosomes G.G.H.A. Shadab, M.E. Ahmad and M.A. Azfer India ABSTRACT PAPER
16 Acute toxicity of mercury to the fingerlings of Indian major carps (catla, rohu and mrigal) in relation to water hardness and temperature Ashwani Kumar and Ashok Kumar Gupta India ABSTRACT PAPER
17 In vivo studies on the effect of Ocimum sanctum L. leaf extract in modifying the genotoxicity induced by chromium and mercury in Allium root meristems K. Babu and K.C. Uma Maheswari India ABSTRACT PAPER
18 Bacteriological water quality status of river Yamuna in Delhi Chetna Anand, Pratima Akolkar and Rina Chakrabarti India ABSTRACT PAPER
19 Effective method for extraction of larvicidal component from leaves of Azadirachta indica and Artemisia annua Linn. Shobhita Tonk, Roli Bartarya, K. Maharaj Kumari, V. P. Bhatnagar and S. S. Srivastava India ABSTRACT PAPER
20 Zinc induced histological changes in brain and liver of Labeo rohita (Ham.) K. Loganathan, B. Velmurugan, J. Hongray Howrelia, M. Selvanayagam and Bharat Bhusan Patnaik India ABSTRACT PAPER
21 Treatment of spent wash in anaerobic mesophilic suspended growth reactor (AMSGR) J. Rajesh Banu, S. Kaliappan, M. Rajkumar and Dieter Beck South Korea ABSTRACT PAPER
22 Impact of malathion on the biochemical parameters of gobiid fish, Glossogobius giuris (Ham) G.V. Venkataramana, P.N. Sandhya Rani and P.S. Murthy India ABSTRACT PAPER
23 Seasonal changes in plasma calcium and inorganic phosphate levels in relation to parathyroid structure of the grey quail, Coturnix coturnix coturnix Linnaeus R.R. Dhande, S.A. Suryawanshi and A.K. Pandey India ABSTRACT PAPER
24 Impact of diesel oil effluent in the mucosal surface of the alimentary canal of Oreochromis nilotica (Linnaeus): A scanning electron microscopic study Apurba Ratan Ghosh, Padmanabha Chakraborti and Sandipan Pal India ABSTRACT PAPER
25 Effect of bromadiolone on haematology, liver and kidney in Mus musculus K. Revathi and M. Yogananda India ABSTRACT PAPER
26 Role of thyroxine and prolactin in the testicular status of spotted munia (Lonchura punctulata) Malabika Sikdar Bar India ABSTRACT PAPER
27 Evaluation of methanol extract of mole crab Emerita asiatica for its pathological properties using mouse assay A. Yogamoorthi and G. Srikala India ABSTRACT PAPER
28 Impact of fertilizer factory effluent on seed germination, seedling growth and chlorophyll content of gram (Cicer aeritenum) Prabhakar Pratap Singh, Manisha Mall and Jaswant Singh India ABSTRACT PAPER
29 Outbreak of Salmonella oranienburg infection in Japan Sanpei Miyakawa, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Motoshi Hattori, Katsumi Itoh, Takanori Kurazono and Fumio Amano Japan ABSTRACT PAPER
30 (Short Communication)
Behavioral responses of Cyprinus carpio to industrial effluents
R.M. Ganeshwade, P.B. Rokade and S.R. Sonwane India ABSTRACT PAPER