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        Abstract - Issue Sep 2017, 38 (5)                                                                                                             Back

nstantaneous and historical temperature effects on a-pinene

Soil-plant interactions in the monumental plane trees

(Platanus orientalis) grove-Çanakkale-Turkey


M. Ozturk1,*, I. Uysal2, E. Yücel3, V. Altay4 and E. Karabacak2

1Botany Department and Centre for Environmental Studies, Ege University, Izmir- 35040, Turkey

2Biology Department, Faculty of Sci. & Arts, Onsekiz Mart University, Canakkale- 17020, Turkey

3Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Anadolu University, Eskisehir- 26470, Turkey

4Biology Department, Faculty of Sci. & Arts, Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay- 31060, Turkey

*Corresponding Author E-mail:




Key words



Monumental trees,

Platanus orientalis




Publication Data

Paper received : 26.10.2016    

Revised received : 20.06.2017     

Accepted : 27.06.2017



Aim: To study ecological features of monumental plane trees. Evaluate soil-plant interactions and mineral nutrition status of 150 to 800 year-old-chosen trees.


Methodology: Soil and plant samples were collected and analysed using Kjeldahl, spectrophotometer, Flame photometer and ICP-OES.  


Results: The pH, electrical conductivity, calcium carbonate, organic matter, total nitrogen, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper values in the soil samples ranged between 6.6-7.4, 0.58-1.26 (dS. m-1), 0.00-1.52%, 1.55-5.05%, 0.08-0.29%, 4-28 ppm, 20-33 ppm, 50-314 ppm, 1086-3041 ppm, 54-302 ppm, 3.57-15.30 ppm, 3.37-13.29 ppm, 1.84-4.17 ppm, and 0.41-1.48 ppm, respectively. The mineral element values in young root, young stem, elderly stem, stem bark and leaf showed normal range. A strong relation has been noted among the Mg, P, Na, Mn, Fe, total N and Zn.


Interpretation: Excess amount of Fe and Ca get accummulated in different plant parts.



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