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    Abstract - Issue Sep 2016, 37 (5)                                     Back

nstantaneous and historical temperature effects on a-pinene

Construction of a genetic linkage map and identification of QTL associated with growth traits in Malus sieversii


Z.C. Liu1,2, D.E. Bao1, D.L. Liu2 and X.S. Chen2*

 1College of horticulture and landscape architecture, Henan Institution of Science and Technology,Xin Xiang, He Nan-453003, China 2State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, Shandong Agricultural University, Tai An, Shan Dong-271018, China

*Corresponding Author E-mail: 


 Publication Data

Paper received:

15 January 2016


Revised received:

27 April 2016


Re-revised received:

5 May 2016



23 June 2016



110 F1 individuals of apple were obtained by crossing between a good quality cultivar 'Red Fuji'of Malus domestica and an accession 'Hongrou Apple'of Malus sieversii. Using Joinmap3.0, a molecular genetic linkage map of Malus sieversii was constructed by 175 SSR and 105 SRAP markers which were integrated into 17 linkage groups and spanned 1299.67cM in genome with an average distance of 4.6cM between the markers. By using interval mapping method,17 QTLs for eight growth traits of Malus sieversii were detected, including 2 QTLs for tree height on c1 and c16, 2 QTLs for stem height on c7, 2 QTLs for stem thickness on c3, 2 QTLs for new shoot length on c15 and c16, 2 QTLs for new shoot diameter on c2, 3 QTLs for internode number on c1, c2 and c2, 2 QTLs for internode length on c1 and c2, 2 QTLs for lenticel density on c17, respectively. The phenotypic variations explained by each QTL ranged from 10.15% to 41.66%, and their LOD values varied from 2.54 to 4.53, of which five QTLs were major effect genes (LOD?3.5).   



 Key words

Growth traits, Malus sieversii, Molecular genetic linkage map, QTL analysis



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