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    Abstract - Issue Sep 2016, 37 (5)                                     Back

nstantaneous and historical temperature effects on a-pinene

Breeding of new Rehmannia glutinosa variety


J.J. Li1*, M.L. Ren1, J. Wang1, S.W. Sun2 and W.X. Ma3

 1Engineering Technology Research Center of Nursing and Utilization of Genuine Chinese Crude Drugs, College of Life Science, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang 453007, China

2Henan Bailiao Huai Medicines Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd. Jiaozuo 454950, China

3Wenxian Xingke specialized cooperative, Jiaozuo 454888,China

*Corresponding Author E-mail:



 Publication Data

Paper received:

01 January 2016


Revised received:

27 April 2016


Re-revised received:

5 May 2016



23 June 2016



Huaidi 81, a new variety of Rehmannia glutinosa with excellent comprehensive characters, was screened by space mutation of hybrid seeds of 85-5 and Beijing No.1. The fresh weight, index composition, resistance, chlorophyll, anthocyanin and photosynthetic characteristics of Huaidi 81 and the main cultivars were determined. The results showed that: the per plant fresh weight of Rehmannia ranked in the order as follows: Huaidi 81 > 85-5 > Golden Nine >Huaifeng >Qinhuai>Beijing No.3, there was extremely significant difference between Huaidi 81 and others. The catalpol content ranked in the following order: Beijing No.3 (1.601%)> Qinhuai (1.588%)> Huaidi 81 (1.314%)> Golden Nine > 85-5 (1.073%)> Huaifeng (0.924%). There was no significant difference between Huaidi 81 and Golden Nine, but extremely significant difference between was found in Huaidi 81 and other varieties;? The acteoside content ranked in the following following order: Huaidi 81 (0.096%) > Qin Huai (0.069%) >85-5 (0.047%) > Beijing No.3 (0.035%) > Huaifeng (0.023%) > Golden Nine (0.022%). There was significant difference between Huaidi 81 and other varieties. Huaidi 81 showed high resistance to Septoris digitalis Pass and middle resistance against leaf ring rot, which indicated that Huaidi 81 had good resistance to leaf diseases. Huaidi 81 with highest chlorophyll content and moderate anthocyanin content showed the highest photosynthetic rate. All these results indicated that the new variety Huaidi 81 with best comprehensive properties was suitable for popularizing as a new Rehmannia glutinosa variety.   



 Key words

Huaidi 81, Hybridization breeding, Index components, Rehmannia glutinosa, Photosynthetic rate, Space breeding 



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