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        Abstract - Issue Sep 2014, 35 (5)                                                                                                             Back

nstantaneous and historical temperature effects on a-pinene

Influence of cadmium on dry matter yield, micronutrient

content and its uptake in some crops


M.P.S. Khurana and Shalini Jhanji*

Department of Soil Science, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141 004, India

*Corresponding Authors Email :




Publication Data

Paper received:

16 April 2013


Revised received:

10 August 2013



16 August 2013



The study was conducted to evaluate the accumulation pattern of cadmium (Cd) and its tolerance in different crops grown on sewage irrigated soils with differentCd levels. Growth, yield, uptake and tolerance of maize, raya, berseem and spinach were assessed to different levels of Cd ranging from 0-40 mg kg-1 soil. Significant reduction in dry matter yield in raya was observed at 20 mg Cd kg-1 soil where as for other crops it was 10 mg Cd kg-1 soil. The quadratic models seem to give the best description of variation in dry matter yield with Cd levels as revealed by significant coefficient of determination (R2 ≥ 90). Cadmium content and uptake varied in the following order : raya > spinach> maize> berseem. Raya could tolerate high levels of Cd as compared to other crops. Conversely, berseem and maize which showed reduced ability to absorb or translocate Cd for genetic reasons compared to raya and spinach be preferred for growing on sewage irrigated soils or area having increased Cd-levels. The relationship of Cd with other micronutrients was variable.

 Key words


Berseem, Cadmium, Maize, Raya, Spinach, Uptake



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