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        Abstract - Issue May 2010, 31 (3)                                                                                                             Back


Effect of photoperiod and temperature on testicular

regression in Channa punctatus


Ram Singh*1, S.K.Chaturvedi2 and Abhinav2


1Department of Zoology, Satish Chandra P.G. College, Ballia - 277 001, India

2Department of Zoology, S.M.M.Town P.G. College, Ballia - 277 001, India

(Received: June 24, 2008; Revised received: November 15, 2008; Accepted: January 27, 2009)


Abstract: In Channa punctatus testicular regression commonly observed during spawning and postspawing phases of reproductive cycle. In the present study, testicular regression was frequently noticed in fish maintained under both long photoperiod-warm temperature (LD 16 : 8-300C) and short photoperiod-warm temperature (LD 8 : 16-30oC) regimes. Testicular regression was characterized by distortion of cellular boundary of lobules and formation of collagenous capsules containing degenerating germ cells, blood cells and colloidal mass within the lobules. The magnitude of testicular regression was more in fish exposed to short photoperiod regime (R-73.33%, SP-41.67%) than long photoperiod regime (R-50.83%, SP-19.16%) and control group (R-20.83%, SP-16.67%) in both resting (R) and spawning (SP) phases. Further, the frequency of testicular regression during resting phase was 73.33% (short photoperiod), 50.83% (long photoperiod) and 20.83% (control) whereas during spawning phase was 41.67% (short photoperiod) 19.16% (long photoperiod) and 16.67% (control). In the present study, occurrence of more testicular regression during resting phase than spawning phase may be due to change in the endogenous condition of the fish.

Key words: Photoperiod, Temperature, Testicular regression, Channa punctatus

PDF of full length paper is available online


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